In the WWE, wrestlers have a tendency to date their co-workers. Throughout the years, we’ve seen lots of superstars become a wrestling couple. These wrestling couples are well-known with the public and in 2017, lots of them made the news. We saw John Cena and Nikki Bella become engaged at Wrestlemania. We also received news that Dean Ambrose and Renee Young quietly got hitched in April.

But as these two couples were celebrating milestones, one wrestling couple reportedly ended their relationship. Recent reports by Wrestling News suggest that Big Cass and Carmella are no longer together.

While neither one has commented on the status of their relationship, many fans have found clues which indicate the two are kaput.

The couple's history

Big Cass and Carmella came from different backgrounds, but it was their love of wrestling that brought them together. New York native Cass began his wrestling career in 2010. He spent a year on the independent scene before he was signed by WWE in 2011.

As for Carmella, she grew up in a wrestling family. Her father was the wrestler Paul Van Dale, however, he never did achieve the big time fame like other wrestlers. Even though Carmella came from a wrestling family, she had no aspirations of stepping into the ring. Her original career was a dancer and she served on the Los Angeles Lakers dance squad along with being a cheerleader for the New England Patriots.

But in 2013, Carmella decided to pursue a wrestling career and was soon signed by WWE. It was in their developmental territory NXT that she met Big Cass. The couple began dating in real life and were soon paired on screen. Carmella served as the manager for Big Cass and his partner Enzo Amore.

After three years in developmental, they were finally moved to the main roster, yet for different brands.

Big Cass and Enzo were traded to "RAW," where they excelled in the tag team division. As for Carmella, she was moved to "Smackdown" and became a prominent fixture in the women’s division. She made history as a singles star by becoming the first winner of the Women’s Money In the Bank ladder match.

2017 proved to be a year of ups and downs for the couple.

Big Cass suffered a torn ACL, which required him to have surgery. Carmella was right by his side as he underwent surgery and physical therapy. Despite the injury, things were beginning to look up for the couple. They bought a house in September and Carmella joined the hit reality show "Total Divas." It appeared good times were ahead for the couple.

Did they break up?

Despite being featured on "Total Divas," Big Cass and Carmella are known to be a private couple. Although, they do occasionally talk about their relationship and Carmella posts pics on social media. Yet, fans began speculating on the status of the relationship when Carmella deleted pictures of Cass from her Instagram account.

Carmella and Big Cass haven’t said anything about the supposed split.

Although, judging by the signs, it looks like things may be over for the couple. Like many other wrestling couples, Carmella and Cass may want to keep things amicable since they still have to work together. No matter what happened between the two, fans need to respect their privacy.