History was made Sunday night during the WWE "Money In The Bank" pay per view. Shane Mcmahon introduced the first-ever WWE "Money in the Bank" women's match in St. Louis, MO. This was a ladder match with a briefcase hanging from the ceiling. Five women fought to make it up the ladder and get the briefcase. The contenders were Charlotte, Carmella, Natalia, Becky Lynch, and Tamina Snuka.

Carmella won by cheating

These five women are great athletes, and have proven themselves in the WWE. They each gave as good as they got but there could be only one winner.

Unfortunately, the woman who won did not do so because she bested her opponents. She only won because she cheated, and she should have been disqualified. Initially, Becky Lynch began climbing the ladder and looked to be the winner. When she was almost at the top, however, the situation abruptly changed.

James Elsworth showed up out of nowhere and shook her off. Elsworth then proceeded to climb the ladder himself and grab the briefcase. He climbed back down and handed the money to Carmella and she was declared the winner. This was wrong on so many levels. James Elsworth was not in the match and should not have been allowed to climb the ladder. Carmella should be disqualified, as she did not go up the ladder and get the briefcase herself.

Who will claim the money in the bank?

The audience, as well as the other four female wrestlers all, looked stunned. The ringside announcers said that there was no precedent that covered what took place, and so, at least for now, Carmella is considered the winner of the match. James Elsworth had no right to insert himself in the women's match and he should be penalized.

There may have to be a rematch so that the 5 women can have equal access, a fair shot at winning the briefcase, and the chance to cash that briefcase in for an eventual title shot at a time of their choosing.

Whoever wins should do so without any outside help. The other female competitors should all be livid and ask for a rematch.

Carmella should be professional enough to give back the briefcase of money. There also needs to be specific rules regarding outside interference. Of course, fans know that this is entertainment and this is also the WWE. Everyone will just have to wait and see how it all plays out. It's too bad that a chance to make history was marred by cheating. Even so, that's the drama that fans pay for, and the sort of thing that keeps people watching.