It is time for a new season of "The Bachelor" and this time Arie Luyendyk Jr. is trying to find love. Arie was on the show with Emily Maynard but didn't win. Since then, he has moved on, but never found the perfect person. Reality Steve has already been able to figure out who Arie picks in the end.

How does this season end?

This season of "The Bachelor" is going to end like the rest of them. Arie Luyendyk Jr. will take it down to four girls and then finally pick one. He will end up proposing at the end and as of right now, it sounds like these two are still together and doing well.

The final four this season are going to end up being 26-year-old Tia Booth from Little Rock, AK, 27-year-old Rebecca "Becca" Kufrin from Minneapolis, MN, 25-year-old Lauren Burnham from Dallas, TX and 26-year-old Kendall Long from LA. Tia Booth is actually Raven Gates best friend, so that had to help her out a bit. The fans are hoping that Raven shows up on her hometown date. That isn't who he picks in the end, though.

Who does he finally pick?

Rebecca Kufrin has been a clear favorite this season. It sounds like Arie really hit it off with her from the start. Well, it sounds like this is who he picks, too. Reality Steve shared that Arie is engaged to Rebecca Kufrin, who goes by Rebecca. It sounds like these two are a great match and it is going to be interesting to see how it all goes down.

He did pop the question and these two are engaged.

Now, the fans just have to wait and see if Arie and Becca make it. They did post pictures recently on social networks that made it look like they were in the exact same spot. That got the fans wondering if Becca is who he picks in the end and with Reality Steve confirming it then nobody will be surprised at all when he chooses her.

The rest of these girls in the final four could be great for "The Bachelorette" or for "Bachelor in Paradise" when it is time for a new season of that show.

Becca wasn't on her Instagram at all for two months, which shows she was probably gone for a while. On Thanksgiving, she started posting once again. The fans can't wait to see how these two are together because they seem like a great couple and it looks like Arie has found his match.

Now, hopefully, there will be a wedding from this couple.

What do you think of who Arie Luyendyk Jr. picks on the end? Do you think that this will work out? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" when it airs on Monday nights on ABC.