Two familiar, and popular, faces of the WWE will be out of commission for quite some time, both due to knee injuries. Big Cass suffered an injury during a televised match on Raw, while Woods suffered his injury during an untelevised house event this past Monday night. They both have knee injuries but they are both in very different situations.

Big Cass

Big Cass, Enzo Amore's former tag team partner, is a member of the WWE Raw roster. Last Monday night, August 21, during a Brooklyn Street Fight against Enzo Amore, Cass missed a boot to the face and fell over the top rope and landed awkwardly on his left knee.

Amore was not expected to win the match, but when Cass attempted his signature move, the Empire Elbow, he collapsed to the mat and took the three count.

It has since been confirmed that Big Cass suffered a torn ACL. The WWE did release an official statement surrounding Cass, his injury, and rehabilitation status.

"Big Cass underwent successful surgery to repair an ACL tear in his left knee, sustained during the Brooklyn Street Fight against Enzo Amore on Raw. The surgery was performed by Dr. Jeffrey Dugas Thursday night, and Cass has already begun rehabilitation."

An injury of this magnitude requires serious rehabilitation time. There is a standard time frame of about nine months for an ACL injury, depending on the athlete, that is needed in order to fully heal and rehabilitate the injured knee.

If that is the case for Big Cass, we probably won't see him back in a WWE ring until next summer.

Xavier Woods

Xavier Woods is a member of one of the most successful, and one of a kind, tag teams in WWE history, The New Day. Woods, and The New Day, are member of the highly competitive WWE Smackdown Live roster. Woods suffered his injury during an untelevised house event this past Monday night, August 28.

He came down wrong while trying to execute a tornado DDT.

Luckily for Woods his injury is nowhere near as serious as Big Cass' injury. Woods is lucky in the fact that his tag team is made up of three people, including Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Woods. Because his injury isn't as severe, he can remain on the show during his healing period.

Woods is the best of the members of The New Day on the microphone. This will allow him to maintain his presence in a managerial position for his team.

This injury couldn't come at a worse time for Woods. The New Day are in the process of battling the Usos to try and regain their tag team titles.