Kate Gosselin and company continues to spend holiday after holiday and every Family event minus one. Collin Gosselin remains locked away from his family in a behavioral treatment center at an unknown location. The reality mom of eight, according to Radar Online shared family photos during the Christmas holiday of her kids opening gifts together and enjoying a day of family fun.

Collin Gosselin misses another family moment

This is not sitting well with Kate Gosselin's social media followers who still aren't over her family Halloween pics that Collin was also noticeably missing from.

Kate shared a number of photos which included one her sons, Joel and Aaden together, the next of her twins Mady and Cara, 17. Kate, however, did post a throwback picture of all eight of her kids from 2010.

Questions continue over Kate Gosselin's parenting choices

Fans have been slamming Kate across the social media over the photos with one poster showing sympathy for both Kate and Collin asking about what horrible behavior issues that Collin could be suffering from that he has to be locked away from his family for so long.

It is a sad situation, but, Kate's public lack of sadness over Collin's issues and absence from the family continues to anger followers. As previously posted social media users called Kate Gosselin out in October after sharing a Halloween photo of the remaining five sextuplets, Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah, and Joel in their costumes.

While life goes on it is just heartbreaking to continue to see Kate share pictures of the children enjoying special family moments together such as their 13th birthday party, holidays and vacations while Collin is locked away. These are times that Collin will never get back with his family.

Kate has previously revealed on a number of occasions in limited detail that Collin needs special care.

Gosselin claims is a very difficult child who has special needs that he can only get from professionals who are equipped to help him. Kate also claims that stipulations of Collin's treatment include a very strict rule that is enforced by the treatment center that states firmly that Collin is not allowed to leave the program -- even for special family holidays and events.

It has been over a year since Kate placed Collin in treatment, and over a year since he has been permitted to join his siblings in any family activities that take place away from the center. 16 months is a long time to be estranged from your family. It is not known as to how Collin is progressing as Kate remains very tight-lipped about the entire situation.

It is wondered by some as to just how Collin Gosselin will react to his mom and siblings when and if the time ever comes that he is released from the treatment center. No-one will blame him if he harbors a life-long grudge against his mother commenters claim, we just hope he and his brothers and sisters can have some form of a happy relationship someday.

What are your thoughts on Kate Gosselin's missing son Collin, is this really helping him, or causing more damage?