Teen Mom 2 Jeremy Calvert freaked out some fans when he gave his four-year-old daughter Addy guns for Christmas. Speaking about how a four-year-old is way too young, angry fans hit out at Jeremy over his irresponsibility.

Jeremy Calvert did note that Leah Messer, his ex-wife knew about the gift, which was a 22 caliber rifle. On his Instagram, where he posted a photo of little Addy posing with the gun he wrote," "My baby dolls 1st 22 cal crickett." He went on to say "and yes @leahdawn92mtv is aware of this." He tagged the National Rifle Association and NRAWomen Gu Safety.

He also put in the hashtags @n #daddiescountrygirl #muddygirlcamo #22crickett #adalynnfaith.

Fans horrified at gun gift as Addy is so young

While a few people agreed that it is just fine to teach kids gun safety, others were freaked out about it as Adalynn Faith is so young.

zandee88@kennaireland posted, "this is a joke, right? A good daddy buys a small child a gun?" and another took it very seriously, commenting, "This is what’s wrong with America."

Another who was shocked posted, "Yeah this looks super safe, let's definitely get one more kid on this planet to think guns are toys and add to the statistics of gun deaths. Way to go."

Nevertheless, Jeremy posted up photos of both of her gifts. The first one was a .22 caliber crickett.

Guns for 4-year-old Addy Faith

In the second post, he wrote - "And here is the other one...... all pinkkkk @nationalrifleassociation@nratv @nrawomen @nrafamily#countrygirl #adalynnfaith#daddiescountrygirl@leahdawn92mtv

Lots of people think it is a good gun gift

Not everyone was horrified. In fact, a lot of people thought that a gun gift for a young 'un is a good thing.

"Raising her right!! Gun safety is 100% the way to go!!" said one commenter on Instagram.

Another said, "Beautiful I hope she has so much fun with it. I know your a great daddy and you will teach her to use it safely. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful little girl. F the haters."

Another person in favor wrote, "Every girl should learn to shoot!!

Love this!!"

"Lovee this gun!!! I don't blame you for teaching her so young! My niece and nephews learned young too and they love going to the shooting range!" said another person.

What do think about little girls learning to handle real guns so young? Do you think she will grow up with a responsible attitude to guns, or do you feel she is way too young? Would you give your four-year-old daughter a gun, even if they were only going to use it with you and under supervision?

Watch a video about it here.