Cardi B's fans began wild speculation after the couple appeared on her Instagram feed engaged in the act of making love. Fans started posting about the video on their social media feeds. In the clip, Cardi B lays on the bed, while Offset makes suggestive pushing movements towards her. In spite of the fact that some thought they were really taking care of business, others saw that Offset never took his jeans off and gave off an impression that he was playing around the entire time. Once Cardi B, and Offset, "Bad and Boujee" rapper, became aware of the speculation, Cardi B posted a statement on Twitter addressing the issues.

Cardi B has always used social media to get attention

Cardi B has always had a wicked sense of humor. She is the first person to laugh at herself. Cardi B has used her social media platform to discuss everything from relationships, music rivals, and her dating life. She became famous on social media long before her rap career started. She had a steady following of people who were fans of her dancing on stage. She has always been aware of the power of social media.

Cardi B is fighting back

Cardi B will pursue legal action against the parties responsible for hacking Offset's iCloud account.

This past weekend a video surfaced of a young woman in a hotel room. The man believed to be filming the young woman is Offset. Whatever his faults it seems that Cardi B has forgiven him.The two got engaged this past October.

Rumors of the two getting engaged ran rampant in the early days of their relationship. Cardi B denied the rumors earlier this year at the MTV music video awards.

It became obvious to everyone around them that the relationship was getting serious.

Cardi B was also becoming a break out star in the Love and Hip Hop franchise. Since releasing her mixtape this past March, her career has been on fire. "Bodak Yellow" became her first hit single rising to number one on Billboards Hot 100. Her new single "Bartier Cardi" is fast following in its predecessor's footsteps by quickly rising on the charts.

The hot rapper has also appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Not bad for a girl from the Bronx. The media and fans have bombarded the couple about their wedding plans. Neither Cardi B nor Offset are giving details about their wedding day choosing to keep details private. Will fame ruin their perfect union? Only time will tell. The couple seems to be happy and supportive of each other's music. The couple has appeared together on the tracks "MotorSport" and "Lick".