Kate and Jon Gosselin's kids are teenagers! The sextuplets entered teendom last month with their mom marking the big day with Kate taking the kids on a fun-filled camping trip birthday celebration for all but one, Collin was missing from the family celebration.

Kate Gosselin plans special surprise for sextuplets.

For several months now Collin Gosselin has been living far from his home and Brothers And Sisters at a "special needs" facility. Fans have noticed that Collin has been absent from all of the reality series promos for the family's upcoming television special.

While Aaden, Alexis Hannah, Joel and Leah and their mom Kate, 42, headed out for a special birthday camping trip, Collin was stuck far from his home and family celebrating all alone at the behavioral health facility.

Collin Gosselin is missing out on growing up with his brothers and sisters.

Kate has explained several times that Collin has been a difficult child who has special needs that he can only get from professionals who are equipped to help him. Sadly, for Collin part of the rules of the behavioral facility where he resides state that Collin is not allowed to leave the program even for special family holidays and events, such as his 13th birthday.

Radar Online posts, a source close to the Gosselin family has revealed that Collin suffers from major anger issues and throws fits that are hard to get under control.

The same source also insinuates that Collin's behavior issues stem from the pain of his mom and dad's nasty divorce and relationship. According to the celebrity news site, Collin also missed out on his 12th birthday party in 2016.

Jon Gosselin has said numerous times that he does not have a great relationship with his children and rarely sees them, and never all of them at the same time.

Eldest twin daughters Mady and Cara have previously stated in interviews over the past few years that they really have very little desire in seeing Jon, claiming that now that they are older they just want to focus on their own lives, adding that they do not have time to engage in a "toxic relationship."

Jon Gosselin made news headlines last week after the former reality television star pulled a neighbor woman from her burning home, and then went back into the flame engulfed house to retrieve the woman's pets.

Jon's pals called him a hero, but the former reality star and father of eight modestly stated he was not a hero, he was just doing what anyone in the same situation would do.

What are your thoughts on Collin Gosselin being excluded from his 13th birthday celebration with his five brothers and sisters?