Kate Gosselin is getting slammed across social media after posting a family photo of her sextuplets (minus one) dressed in their Halloween costumes. Sadly, the 13-year-old Colin has been missing from Gosselin family activities for more than a year-and-a-half. Fans have expressed their outrage for several months, calling Kate Gosselin's decision to send Collin away to a "special needs" live-in therapy school cold, heartless, and selfish.

Kate Gosselin mommy shame continues

The reality television show star and mother of eight posted the holiday photo revealing Aaden, Alexis, Hannah, Leah, and Joel sporting their chosen Halloween costumes.

Girls as pink dinosaurs, boys as astronauts. “I had a trick-or-treating date with a couple of cute pink dinosaurs and a few adorable astronauts!” she wrote.

Collin Gosselin misses another childhood event with siblings

Fans began reacting to the absence of Collin immediately. One commenter responded as to how sad it is that Collin was left out once again from family activities. Another more hostile comment suggested Kate Gosselin change the name of her television show to something like "Kate +My 7." As previously reported, the Gosselin sextuplets turned 13 last June, Kate threw a huge party for the children, all except Collin, who was not permitted to attend the party.

Kate celebrated with the sextuplets by throwing a lavish family camping trip.

Kate has explained on a number of occasions in limited detail that Collin is a very difficult child who has special needs that he can only get from professionals who are equipped to help him. As per Kate's explanation, part of Collin's treatment includes strict rules enforced by the behavioral facility where he resides, which state that Collin is not allowed to leave the program -- even for special family holidays and events.

Kate has not gone into detail about Collin's treatment and whether or not his issues are improving. Sadly, Collin Gosselin appears to have been "ghosted" by his family. Even father Jon Gosselin claims he is not privy to the details of Collin's whereabouts, or care. In September it was revealed that Jon's girlfriend started a GoFundMe page in hopes of reaching $30,000 for Jon's legal fees so that he could fight Kate in court for custody of some of his children.

Currently, the page has raised less than $3300 of the $30,000 needed. As for Kate, at this time she has yet to respond to the comments over her Halloween Instagram photo, and fans so far are refusing to let up in terms of the nasty comments flooding Kate's social media pages. What are your thoughts on Kate Gosselin's photo and the continued absence of Collin from the Gosselin family? Could this behavioral therapy be doing more harm than good?