As we jump straight into this episode we see that things are just picking up from the previous week. Giving us a reminder that yes, in fact, Lee is still in Gotham, Nygma is still as troubled and lost as ever and Penguin is still very much in charge. In "Hog Day Afternoon" there are some dramatic fight scenes between Grundy and his shifty opponents, which end up very much dead. Nygma tries persistently to convince Lee to fix his no longer intelligent brain, and Jim is yet again in deep and mixed up in all sorts of criminal drama, in which he has to find an escape.

Leading on to the main focus of this episode, the introduction of the cop killer, Professor Pyg. Those that follow Batman will recognize this name and be familiar with this character, although the show has definitely taken the creepiness to another level. The character is both creative and terrifying as the story progresses and we see what he is really capable of. It's a great spin on the common name related to those in the police force, which is fitting as that's who Pyg is targeting. This character is shown to be more than just a common criminal. He offers mastermind intelligence and planning, like he is always one step ahead.

Perhaps he is a true match for the likes of Jim Gordon.

The show is one I deeply enjoy, not just for the intense character casting and always an active storyline, but also for the camera work featured in every episode.

Everything down to the angles and dark transitions used paints a really creepy tone that’s more than suited for a Batman-related show.

Things are not as they seem

The plot to this story helps me connect and understand more with the characters of the show, showing me a little more about who they are and what they contribute to this season.

Throughout the show, we see Gordon and Bullock double team and antagonize various cops in order to get the answers they want. Gordon always as the bad cop, Bullock as the good, which is a massive role change from the episodes in the first 2 seasons. It’s here we see that Bullock is taking a step back from the aggressive and irrational role of the past and actually acting as the Captain he is meant to be. There are times I come to forget his authority and rank as he simply dives into the action. It’s through scenes like these ones within this episode that I fall more in love with the potential Bullock has an influential and loveable character. He's very underestimated in my eyes and needs to keep the frequent airtime.

Lee Thompson is another character, like many others this show seems to constantly bring back. Although now we see a side of her we haven’t before, one of desperation and drive. In the first couple of scenes, we are shown her mixing with the wrong crowd and perhaps taking a turn for the worse. Of course, this is all just a front as we later discover (thanks to Nygma) that she’s embracing all this in order to fund and run her own support clinic for those too poor to seek help. I knew she would have a reason for playing with such dark characters. I just pray she doesn’t get too caught up and fall short of her actual goal.

Just like this season has started, Penguin is slowly but surely becoming more and more powerful as each episode passes. His idea for a permit based crime system still to me is a genius idea and another reason why I have huge respect for this character. Yes, he’s not the biggest or most feared, but he is completely and utterly ruthless. To me, no character is safe while he’s in power. He constantly battles with the notion that others are out to get him, which is partly true. He really does have a hard time believing anyone would want to be his friend if it wasn’t for another ulterior motive.

We see him almost commit to murdering Falcon’s daughter just because he assumed she was plotting against him, which wasn’t the case. Sophia actually reveals that she has opened an orphanage as a surprise to the psychotic mayor. Now, I’m still not sure if this is a move that’s part of a bigger and more elaborate plan to overthrow Penguin or if she is completely genuine, but either way, whatever she’s doing is definitely working as I’m convinced otherwise. She is definitely a character to watch out for in future episodes.

Jim Gordon is always the focus

We learn that Gordon is still emotionally affected in some way or another. It’s in the final scenes after he saves a dying Bullock from a slash to the throat courtesy of Professor Pyg, that he undercovers the truth about his best friend.

We are left watching in shock as Bullock confesses to being yet another cop on Penguins payroll. It’s hard to tell if Jim will ever forgive Harvey and if they will ever go back to the place they were before all this.

Concluding thoughts

I’m excited to see what the future episodes will bring and if in fact more progress is made on the birth of "The Dark Knight."