It wouldn't be a surprise to hear that a Duggar daughter was pregnant again, but after the complications Jill Duggar Dillard suffered giving birth to her son, Samuel Scott, many are concerned about her well-being. The second eldest Duggar daughter labored for three days with her son before she delivered via C-section. Fans have been concerned that something is majorly wrong with Samuel, given the fact that Jill wasn't nearly as active on social media following his birth as she was for her older son, Israel. The mom of two also shared several cryptic tweets that made fans wonder if she was suffering from severe health issues or postpartum depression.

Why fans think she's expecting baby number three

Jill Duggar has been pictured recently in several Instagram shots wearing shirts that are rather loose around the middle. While some fans have pointed out that this is pretty common for women who have given birth via C-section, as Jill reluctantly had to do with Samuel, some believe that she looks like she is actually pregnant. Speculation was ramped up when Michelle Duggar, Jill's mother, posted a video of Jill and her sister Johannah making a special Halloween dessert for the family. (Although the Duggar Family do not celebrate Halloween the way others do, they do go to church and eat candy and sweets.) In the video, Jill's stomach looked very pregnant, and several people asked if this meant that she was carrying baby number three.

Several worried for the young mother's health, as both pregnancies Jill has had have been incredibly difficult and taxing on her body. They are concerned that another baby might add to any health concerns she already might have.

"Don't ask a woman that!"

While some believe Jill is expecting her third baby with husband, Derick Dillard, others berated commenters for suggesting that Jill is pregnant without her announcement first.

The Duggar family is typically very good with announcing milestones in their children's lives, as it brings in views and ratings, and they likely would not pass up the opportunity to announce that Jill is also expecting. The family, who belongs to a sect of Christianity that celebrates women having as many babies as humanly possible, would likely celebrate Jill, complications or not. As such, many commenters told others that it was rude to ask a woman if she was expecting before she had made an announcement, as it could make them conscious of their body.