Once again, the show starts off with a very interesting summary of what has happened in previous episodes. We see the look on Joe’s face when he is told about his newborn, Barry’s reaction to hearing the name Devoe is fascinating as well as the deep, dark, frosty secret Caitlin Snow is hiding from the team. Obviously, there are a lot of other things that have happened in the past five episodes, but these seem to have the most significance to this week’s episode.

The episode this week was one I found extremely amusing. We get to see what happens when the Flash gets drunk and how a superhero’s team really celebrates the lead up to getting hitched.

It’s probably a lot less problematic than most, but still offers massive amounts of action and suspense.

Frost is back

During this episode, we get to see Killer Frost finally back on our screens after the whole Savitar fiasco. She’s back, still as scary as ever, but with a subtle change to her character, and now there’s more Caitlin present in her actions. Frost shows more self-control than ever before, only hurting people and not actually taking their life. It’s amazing to see this change as I was hoping we’d get to see more Snow/Frost action without her leaving the team, which almost happened. I just hope she stays on this path as I know she’s fighting her character’s natural super-villain instincts.

The combination of both Snow and Frost would be a force to be reckoned with if used for good. Snow’s brains and Frost’s increasing power would have any for running for the hills. I think she is one of the most interesting characters the Arrowverse that has attempted this reversal of role. This leads me to believe they may mix it up even more as the show continues.

Perhaps she'll go back to the dark side, or perhaps she'll stay good and fight crime alongside Barry. We can only wonder. Hopefully, next week's episode clears this up for us and tells us which direction she’s heading in.

Hashtag Feminism

In this week's episode, we see a completely dominant female plot, which is a nice change.

This leaves the males of Team Flash to go off and get themselves in trouble. Unlike their partners, the girls are left to run the show, with the special appearance of Team Arrow’s Felicity Smoke and the emerging hero that is Killer Frost. We see throughout the show, female characters taking the spotlight and showing us exactly how it's done.

During the show's 40-minutes reference to the word feminism constantly occurs. This helps push the audience towards a more feminist-aware approach and perhaps a theme the show wants to cover; it certainly seems that way. Therefore, allowing all female viewers of the show to see that it doesn't actually matter what gender you are as long as you stick together.

Anything can be achieved with a little teamwork.

This new theme has had a lot of emphasis and attention which really adds to the audience's awareness. In addition, the feminist theme is constantly being projected even down to the subtle comments made by the team, for example; Felicity “We did it guys”, Iris “Actually, girls”. Even though it's only a small hint it's such a clever way of further re-enforcing the message across.

Somehow when watching this episode, I got the feeling the show was trying to show us in a comedic way what would happen to the team if the females left the males to become independent.

Spoiler, it doesn't end well and they all end up in jail regretting their decisions.

Other comments

Although I loved the episode, there was one major annoyance and that’s this one-eyed villain. He seems to be the henchman of the female villain, left to do all the dirty work. We see him for the first time at the end of the previous episode when Killer Frost threatens him at the bar. Personally, I am not a fan of him or his ability. I feel as though his power is weak and completely pointless. This is made obvious when he’s fighting Killer Frost in the restaurant and he brings a serpent-like animal out of his eye to fight.

To me, this animal did nothing to aid him, it just waved around a couple of times and blocked one attack from Frost, who obviously won overall. It’s upsetting that the show, now five episodes into Season 4, still hasn't shown us any real power in terms of villains.

In all previous seasons, the main villain has shown of their strength's early on so we know what to expect; Reverse Flash, Zoom, Savitar. All main villains that I thought really had the best of Barry and his team. I guess it’s just disappointing to know nothing about Devoe and what he can do this late on in the season.

On the other hand, this mystery makes it very exciting to see what the show has up their sleeves. They might be downplaying the character to then bring it all back at a later point, well I hope so.