It seems that as each week passes every new episode that comes along becomes one of my favorites. They just keep getting better and better, with more action and development. This week's episode shot to the top of my list for many reasons, the main being we finally got to see a glimpse into the past of Deathstroke and discover what type of person he was before Oliver met him. We also got to see a couple of flashbacks of Slade and his son, helping us develop a connection to their relationship and therefore become more invested in the plot of this episode.

This week Slade comes to Oliver for his help and we see just how far he is willing to go to save his son. We also see the re-appearance of Dina’s ex-partner in both senses (work and lover) and just how blinded she’s is by her previous feelings. This week’s episode features a lot of action as well as some incredible insight into character profiles. It really is an episode that has been highly awaited, with less focus on current characters and more on those upcoming.

The return of Deathstroke

Deathstroke is back in the picture and it seems it may be that way for some future episodes. We see Slade Wilson return to Star City in order to get Oliver Queens help in saving his long-lost son from a lifetime in prison.

Now it’s very strange in my eyes that Oliver is willing to help Slade given their past. Especially as Slade is the one responsible for the death of his Mother and the destruction of Star City in seasons previous to this one. Things that don’t see to phase Oliver as if he has either forgiven them or put them in the past. Which is sort of understandable given that Slade did help save his own son's life, William.

It’s really interesting to see a character like Slade Wilson ask for help as he is presented as someone who is very powerful and influential, someone who doesn't normally need to support from others. He’s the type of person that’s all hands on, incorporating violence into his everyday life, which doesn’t seem to be the case now.

He seems to only want Oliver Queens help in this problem, not the Green Arrows. Leading me to believe that Slade is finally on a path of redemption, trying to make up for his past. This is perhaps why Oliver is so eager in helping him, he can see how much he has reformed from the man he used to be and therefore wants to be apart of that process. That and the fact he doesn’t have to break his promise to William.

As I’ve said above, Slade Wilson is a reformed mercenary and Oliver is no longer a crime-fighting vigilante, yet we do see both of them returning to these roles in order to get the job done. Slade as Deathstroke and Oliver coming to his rescue when times get tough. It’s obvious that no matter where Oliver goes he will always have to resort to the man he is trying so hard not to be.

During this episode, I found massive enjoyment in seeing Slade rip through waves of men as he entered the facility his son is supposedly kept in. It’s here he shows his dominance and skill so effortlessly, moving from guy to guy, killing them in mere seconds without hesitation. Clearly a man on a mission to save his son. Showing us that this is why Deathstroke is such an infamous and feared character in the DC Universe. I would love to see more of the ability of this character going on from this episode and given the ending to this week's episode I have a feeling we will.

Vince the invincible

We finally know the name of the mysterious man in the visor.

This comes to light when we see Dina catapult him in the air shattering his visor forcing him to take it off. That’s when we realize she already knows him from her previous crime fighting life as a cop. It’s her ex-lover and work partner Vince. Last seen murdered in front of her eyes as the particle accelerator explodes in Central City. It turns out he’s not only alive and well but he’s killing innocent people all in the name of justice. Of course, this plays havoc with Dina’s emotions causing her confusion that affects her ability to capture him, compromising her position allowing him to get away numerous times. I wonder how much trouble this is going to get her in with the team as the story progresses.

Especially as it seems she is still holding on to past feelings which could get in the way of her judgment.

I can see Vince being a major problem for Team Arrow, he is a man blinded by vengeance and hatred and those things don't mix well. That paired with his ability to heal any wound in a matter of seconds is going to be a lethal and troubling combination. Even a shot directly to the head didn't stop this maniac, so what will? Again, another interesting development to go alongside that of Diggle’s drug addiction, the capture of Slade and Oliver as well as the obsession Agent Watson has with taking down the team. All interesting plots slowly playing out.