A lot of shocking accusations have come out of Hollywood lately, including Kathy Griffin claiming that Andy Cohen offered her cocaine before appearing on "Watch What Happens Live." Apparently, "LHHATL" star Joseline Hernandez heard about Griffin's claims and had a few shocking things to say herself.

According to The Jasmine Brand, Joseline Hernandez saw Andy Cohen's tweet on FreddyO's Instagram page and naturally, they were seen and shared.

FreddyO shared a copy of Andy Cohen's tweet where he denied Griffin's claims. In the comments section, Joseline wrote, "Why she act like this is new.

All the reality shows give cast members drugs alcohol and they tell you who to beat up too."

Then Joseline offered Kathy a piece of advice that, if she would take, might save her from losing every gig she's ever had. She said, "Girl, handle business behind closed doors."

Then again, the Puerto Rican princess could stand to take a huge dose of her own advice. After all, it was Joseline Hernandez who has repeatedly put her business out there time and again. She has also repeatedly smeared Stevie J, Mona Scott-Young, and "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" on social media on multiple occasions.

Joseline has been saying that reality TV is scripted

It seems that Joseline Hernandez was taking the accusations against Andy Cohen and using them to her own benefit.

She's long been arguing that "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is scripted and that producers tell cast what to do and say.

That goes all the way back to the feud with Althea Heart and Benzino in Season 3. The nastiness between the "LHHATL" cast went so far that Joseline ended up flipping out and attacking Althea, Tammy Rivera, and then Mimi Faust as she exited the stage.

Althea Hart sued Joseline for the attack and ended up getting fired from the show. When Joseline Hernandez gave her deposition, she claimed that "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" was scripted and that she had been told by production to attack her co-star.

Is Joseline coming back to 'LHHATL'?

Things are so tense now between Joseline and the "LHHATL" production that there are questions about whether she'll even be returning to the show.

As it stands, it's looking like the VH1 hit really may have moved on without her this time. Just don't forget that Joseline and Stevie were supposedly fired before and yet they were back again for Season 6.

Joseline and Mona reportedly started sparring over money atter Stevie J's ex demanded way more money to keep appearing on the show. Things got even uglier when Joseline claimed that she was owed money and started posting Instagram Live videos about it back in May.

Now there's no telling if Mona Scott-Young even wants Joseline Hernandez back on the show Just last month, she teased that she'd have no problem leaving "LHHATL" and basically said that the show needs her more than she needs them. See what she said in the Instagram video below.