Hey, "Gotham" fans. It is with great pleasure that we can tell you that your favorite show has officially been renewed for a brand new season 4! According to TV Line, the renewal came pretty recent which is sort of a late renewal compared to a lot of other shows. Those most important thing is that they got it. This wonderful news of course means that you guys can look forward to seeing more spoilers, cast interviews, sneak peek clips, promo pics and all that good promotional stuff in the coming days,weeks and months. So, be sure to look out for that.

City Sirens talk

Speaking of spoilers, we were able to search around and dig up a little something for season 4. Apparently, there has been some talk of them possibly introducing a City Sirens storyline to the show, especially since there's already going to be a movie about it. The people over at Heroic Hollywood asked Selina Kyle actress Camren Bicondova about it during an interview they gave her. She replied by telling them that it's quite possible it could happen in the future. They haven't discussed it yet.

Bumped to Thursday nights

It's also been revealed by Screenrant that the show is actually going to get bumped to Thursday nights after claiming the Monday night spot for its first three seasons.

So, fans will have to get used to the new time change. Hopefully, it won't effect the ratings too much while they get used to it. They went on to reveal FOX's decision to make the big switch-up in the time slot. Apparently, they have this new show coming out called, "Gifted." It's a live-action X-Men show. They're going to go ahead and pair it with "Lucifer" on Mondays.

FOX made the announcement right after they released the very first "Gifted" trailer online.

It makes sense

Screenrant believes the move in time slots does make sense for the network because "Gotham's" rating have just been steady and not growing. Giving this new X-Men show a chance to air in front of the big Monday night audience might give them some extra ratings that "Gotham" wasn't delivering.

On Thursday nights, "Gotham" will maintain the same 7pm central time slot that it got on Monday nights. Once fans get used to the new schedule, it should still do ok.

Viewership stayed steady

As for "Gotham's" season 3 ratings, it opened up to 3.8 million viewers and scored a 1.29 demographic rating for ages 18-49 in the United States. The viewers were down 14.71 percent from the season 2 finale episode. The ratings were down 19.88 percent from the season 2 finale.

The last episode 20 that aired on May 29th scored a 1.00 demographic rating and drew in 3.3 million viewers in the United States. So, the viewership definitely stayed steady throughout the entire season. It only slightly dipped below 3 million viewers for 2 episodes. All the rest of the episodes pretty much stayed well above the 3 million viewership mark. Season 4 is set debut this Fall 2017. We're still waiting for FOX to release the premiere dates. Stay tuned.