“Gotham” just wrapped up its third season with new diabolical turns expected in the fourth season. Based on the season finale, it appears new villains are coming. Leading the potential addition of popular “Batman” adversaries are “Solomon Grundy,” “Catwoman,” and possibly “harley quinn.” Let us take them one by one.

Solomon Grundy tease

First off is “Solomon Grundy” who many have associated with “Butch Gilzean” (Drew Powell). Most saw that scene where “Barbara Kean” (Erin Richards) shot Butch in the head. Butch is still technically alive though he is likely to return with some form of brain damage.

What tied him up to “Solomon Grundy” was his birth name – “Cyrus Gold.” For comic fans, this is the identity tied up to the pale-looking villain so the current state of Butch makes a lot of sense. Also, “Hugo Strange” (BD Wong) is still around so some form of uncanny formula may come into play and make Butch nastier and more powerful.

Selina Kyle’s transition to Catwoman

Since “Gotham” started, most were aware that “Selina Kyle” (Camren Bicondova) would at some point turn into “Catwoman.” She has risen from the grave more than once already and there was the scene of her trying her hand on “Tabitha Galavan’s” (Jessica Lucas) whip.

The facial expression of Tabitha alone indicates that Selina knows her way around the weapon, something “Catwoman” used in the animated series or comics.

With “Bruce Wayne” (David Mazouz) possibly embracing the vigilante role, both may cross paths but on opposing sides.

Barbara returning as Harley Quinn?

Rewinding a bit, Tabitha did take care of Barbara in the final moments of “Gotham” Season 3. Already deranged even before that, the electrocution left her lifeless. Similar to Butch, that didn’t indicate that she is dead – meaning she could return at some point.

But as who?

Even before the season finale, many were under the impression that she would eventually become “Harley Quinn.” Her character does fit the villainess so that could be possible even without the comic wardrobe. Even if she does, will Tabitha be her first target?

'Pax Penguina' meaning and possibilities

As for the tweeted title by writer John Stephens, it is obviously in reference to “Penguin” or “Oswald Cobblepot” (Robin Lord Taylor).

Cobblepot is in conflict with almost all the main characters on “Gotham” though peace could be tied up to “Edward Nygma”/ “The Riddler” (Cory Michael Smith).

Nygma is in a frozen state and is the centerpiece attraction of Cobblepot’s new bar called the Iceberg Lounge. He could have a change of heart and eventually free Nygma who could align with him temporarily. Knowing he is outnumbered, “The Riddler” could play coy and turn when the time is right – something he has done before.

If not Nygma, Cobblepot could even align with “Catwoman,” “Solomon Grundy,” or even Barbara Kean. There are plenty to consider though it hints at “Penguin” rising to power in “Gotham” Season 4.