You don’t have to be a previous reader to know that I am completely biased when it comes to "Gotham." Week after week I am constantly impressed with the storyline development and camera work of the show. It’s something that keeps me coming back for more.

As we flash through the events of previous episodes it’s safe to say we should be expecting a major twist in the plot. Whether that be the betrayal of Sophia toward Jim or Penguin or one that occurs between Grundy (Butch) and Nygma. There is so much going on and so much potential, it’s hard to see what’s around the corner.

In this episode, we see a crazed Grundy remember his previous life. A noble Jim Gordon takes the GCPD throne and the innocent Lee Thompson step out her shell and become the leader of the Narrows. An episode that has delivered us so much content preparing us for the bigger picture to come.

Slap some sense into him

This episode’s title is perfectly represented during the first couple of opening scenes. We see big bad Solomon Grundy fighting in the ring with other competitors in the Narrow area. It’s not long until we spot why this episode is called “Stop Hitting Yourself” as Grundy rips an arm off his opponent and beats them to death with it. In my view, this is such a creative and elaborate way to open up the show.

Displaying a character’s sheer power and ruthlessness. This helps paint the picture of just how fearless and terrifying Grundy is as he has no humanity left to hold him back. Well, that is into we see Tabitha slap it back into him. Again, such a creative way to include the title of this episode. Perhaps finally we get to see Butch's character come back to life through the vessel that is Grundy.

After all its Butch's body with Grundy at the steering wheel. I would love to see the whole Butch and Tabitha spark back in the show, it really was something that was so oddly matched it made sense. A lot more so than Barbra and Tabitha.

Gordon, King of the GCPD

Finally, Gordon is in his rightful place as Captain at the GCPD.

It’s been a long time coming but its finally here. I honestly thought after the Barnes incident Gordon would step into the light, but Bollock was there waiting patiently. Don’t get me wrong I’ve seen Bullock do an amazing job at keeping the peace towards the end of last season, but this season he has had his ups and downs. Every time I think he is a changed man and actually taking his job role seriously, he falls short. No wonder Gordon felt the need to push him out and take over, the precinct was falling apart, the law was becoming a joke and too many cops were being injured. Now we get to see the building tension between Penguin and Gordon as the new Captain leads GCPD in a different direction.

It will be very interesting to see which direction the show will go now that the police will be enforcing the law as it should be. All I know is that now Gordon is in charge I expect to see some massive changes. Ones that aggravate the criminal underworld and perhaps cause a major uproar. I’m even pondering on the thought that perhaps Bullock will have no choice but to go over to the dark side as his world unravels.

Lee Thompson, Queen of the Narrows

Similarly, like Gordon, Lee is now in a higher position, perhaps one she wasn’t counting on being in. As we saw, Lee stood up to the previous Queen of the Narrows, leading to her death (not by Lee’s hand) and now the people look to Thompson as their leader.

It makes sense really as she is also the one that has been healing them and aiding their weak back to health when no one would. I wonder with this newly found power, will she, in fact, help Nygma gain his intelligence? Or will she try and change the Narrows into someplace good and respectful. I have a feeling that we will be seeing a clash of interests between herself and Gordon in future episodes. Will the Queen forgive the King and finally put the past behind them, creating a united front and a unified Gotham? Somehow, I don’t think it will be that easy and Captain Gordon will definitely have his work cut out for him.

Concluding thoughts

Amongst all the action this episode has to offer we manage to get a glimpse into what other characters are up to.

Sophia with her hand in all of Gotham's businesses and Penguin with his newly found companion in which he can teach his wicked ways to. I cannot wait to see what Sophia has up her sleeve, she might just end up taking back control of Gotham and re-deeming the Falcon name. It would be tactical move and very difficult for Penguin or Gordon to intervene especially given her control over them already.

The comments above are just observations and predictions. I would like to think that perhaps Thompson will force the Narrows to become a better place and perhaps Penguin will be content going off with his newly found interest.

There’s even hope for the brut Solomon Grundy and his quest to find out who he is and where he comes from. All of these make for a very intriguing season ahead. Especially given the still very premature Dark Knight concept emerging.