People are already looking forward to the final season of "The Originals" after it was confirmed that Candice King would reprise her role as Caroline. However, there is a possibility that the "Vampire Diaries" character is the one person who isn't excited about the reunion with Klaus Mikaelson. Fans have been hoping to see Klaroline in the fifth season of the CW series.

Although Caroline is set to meet Klaus one more time in "The Originals" season 5, it is possible that their reunion will be ill-fated. Could their reunion end in tragedy?

Klaroline reunion set in 'Originals' season 5 premiere

There was much excitement when it was announced that Caroline would be a part of the final season. After all, the character had a complicated relationship with Klaus and her return might be what he needs as he continues to fight The Hollow. According to Entertainment Weekly, Candice King will appear in two episodes, one of which is the season premiere. It was also revealed that the Klaroline reunion will be orchestrated by another Mikaelson.

Rebekah Mikaelson will reportedly convince Caroline to seek out Klaus in Europe. Although there is little doubt that Caroline will look for her ex in the premiere of "The Originals" Season 5, she might initially hesitate because of a possible tragedy.

Will the Klaroline reunion get cut short by a dangerous threat?

The circumstances of Caroline's appearance in the fifth season are still unclear but some believe that her meeting with Klaus will lead to her getting into trouble. Will The Hollow go after Caroline as well? Hopefully, the two will manage to survive until the end of the series.

Candice King is the only one confirmed to appear in the fifth season of "The Originals." However, fans are hoping that other characters from "The Vampire Diaries" will show up in the series as well.

Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley might return in 'The Originals' final season

It's not unusual for "TVD" actors to show up in the show's sister series, especially since the characters are somehow connected.

Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley have both had cameos in "The Originals" but what are the chances that both will be back for the final season?

Fans are certainly crossing their fingers in hopes that Elena Gilbert or Stefan Salvatore will magically pop up in "The Originals" before it ends. In the meantime, people can expect a major Klaroline reunion in the fifth season, which is set to premiere on The CW early next year.