The second episode of "The Walking Dead" Season 8 certainly had viewers shocked as Rick Grimes had an unexpected reunion with a character from the past. After realizing that he had killed a father trying to protect his baby, Rick found himself face to face with Morales, the family man who decided to part ways with the original group in the first season. But what could this mean for the future of the series? Will Morales play a similar role as Merle Dixon back in the third and fourth season?

Merle Dixon had started out as a bad guy when he first appeared in the episode "Guts," where he ended up being handcuffed to the roof of a department store.

Michael Rooker later reprised his role as the former Marine in Season 3, where Merle tortured Glenn Rhee. Will Morales do the same thing to Rick Grimes in "The Walking Dead" Season 8?

Is Morales the new Merle?

Fans certainly noticed that something may have changed in Morales. Actor Juan Gabriel Pareja has confirmed that the Savior who stopped Rick Grimes in "The Damned," stating that the character is "just a whole new guy." Some believe that Morales had a rough time surviving the zombie apocalypse, leading to his possible transformation from good guy to vicious villain in the current season.

But will Morales play a larger role in "TWD" Season 8? Pareja revealed that his character's story will be told in the upcoming episode "Monsters."

"I can’t say too much, but we’ll definitely learn a little bit of a backstory from Morales and what’s been going on with him over the years, and a little bit of what’s lead to his transformation and transition into one of Negan’s men as a Savior," Pareja told Entertainment Weekly.

Hopefully, this means the character will live long enough to participate on the right side of the war.

Will Morales help Rick escape?

The sneak peek for "Monsters" features a chilling speech from Morales as he continues to aim his gun at Rick. The Savior states that he and his men have been ordered not to harm Rick, Maggie, and Ezekiel because Negan has other plans for them.

Unfortunately, it does not look like Morales will be letting his captive escape in "TWD" Season 8 Episode 3. Nevertheless, there is hope that someone like Daryl Dixon will come to his friend's aid.

Can Rick convince Morales to let him go in "Monsters?" Who will come to help Rick escape his current predicament? "The Walking Dead" Season 8 Episode 3 will air on AMC on November 5.