The most recent episode of "Outlander" Season 3 certainly proved that the reunion between Claire Randall and Jamie Fraser will lead to conflict and despair. In "Creme de Menthe," Jamie's liquor smuggling business went up in flames, forcing him to make a desperate decision. Could this mean that it is finally time for Claire to learn about his relationship with Laoghaire?

The conclusion of the seventh episode left fans with one line that teased the biggest secret that Jamie has been hiding from Claire since their reunion. Fergus innocently wonders if Claire already knows about Jamie's second wife, who happens to be back home in Lallybroch.

However, it is the identity of the new Mrs. Fraser that will possibly drive Claire and Jamie apart once again in "Outlander" Season 3 Episode 8.

Who is the second wife in 'First Wife?'

There is little doubt that Claire will be upset once she learns that Jamie has remarried since she went back to her own time. However, it might be easier for her to accept the situation if Jamie took a wife who has never done anything to her. Unfortunately, "First Wife" might reveal that Jamie made a truly crazy decision since the battle of Culloden.

The synopsis for "Outlander" Season 3 Episode 8 confirms that "the choices Jamie made during their time apart" will prove to be too much for Claire. Fans believe the description is referring to Jamie's decision to marry a woman who once tried to have his Sassenach, who was killed in the first season.

Diana Gabaldon fans already know why Claire will be outraged by Jamie's secret. In "Voyager," the third novel in the "Outlander" book series, it is revealed that Jamie decided to marry Laoghaire. In Season 1, the girl had been infatuated with Jamie and was unhappy that he had taken Claire for his wife. Out of spite, she had accused the new Mrs.

Fraser of witchcraft, leading to Claire being arrested and almost burned at the stake.

Laoghaire might not actually torment Claire in "First Wife," but her presence is expected to cause tension in Lallybroch. Could the discovery be enough for Claire to abandon her beloved next Sunday?

Will Claire leave Jamie because of Laoghaire?

The teaser for the upcoming episode reveals some tension between the couple. There is a possibility that the pressure of having to deal with Laoghaire could cause Claire Randall to leave Lallybroch. However, her departure could lead to some major tragedy involving Jamie Fraser. Find out if things will work out in "Outlander" Season 3 Episode 8, which airs on Starz on November 5.