One of the four stand-alone episodes that were filmed during the making of season 2 will air on Monday as episode 3 in “Luciferseason 3. It will give viewers a look at how Maze became a bounty hunter. Fox has released a teaser at the episode titled “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith.”

Who is Maze to Lucifer?

Avid fans know that Maze is a demon sent down to earth to watch over Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). Technically speaking, she is the devil’s sidekick and guardian. Since the beginning of the series, Maze (Lesley Ann-Brandt) has been there for Lucifer, protecting him wherever he may be, whether it is at his nightclub Lux or outside picking up after his mess.

So while she is not fighting for hell’s former ruler, she sidelines as a bartender in Lux so she can keep a close eye on the devil.

Maze takes a different job

However, bartending does not satiate all her pent-up energy and thirst for action. Thus, she complains about the mundane task to Lucifer. “I didn’t leave hell to be a bartender,” Maze says in the video below. She realizes that she must find her own place and purpose on earth. “I need to figure out where I fit into this world.” Maze eventually found her calling as a bounty hunter after a conversation with Chloe Decker (Lauren German) about her job, In it, she asked the detective how she knew that she wanted to be a cop. Chloe answered that it just felt right.

If fans can recall, Maze realized that she wanted to be a bounty hunter in season 2 episode 7.

A little recap, in this episode titled "My Little Monkey," Maze abducted the warden responsible for the death of Chloe’s father. She gagged and tied him to a chair as a surprise for Chloe. She kidnapped the warden because she said that it just felt right.

Maze received a paycheck from the LAPD in exchange for her service, which she proudly showed to Dr. Linda.

Season 3 episode 3 ‘Maze- The Bounty Hunter’

Episode 3 puts the spotlight on Maze as she leads the life of bounty hunter. The job is tough, dangerous and life-threatening. However, she seems to enjoy every hunt, where she gets to portray different characters (notice the wig) and showcase her Kung Fu skills.

Moreover, she receives payment for something that she enjoys doing, contrary to working as a bartender in Lux, where she does not even get paid.

In “Lucifer” season 3 episode 3, Maze ends up in Canada for a job. However, Chloe senses that she is being tricked by a conman, so she tells Lucifer that they should stop Maze before she hurt more people.