In the latest episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim talked to her sisters about how bad her body image has become. She says it all started back in April when paparazzi released unflattering beach photos of her on vacation in Mexico. The celebrity was made fun of across multiple social media platforms and admits that it has taken a toll on her mentally.

Developing a phobia

In Sunday night's episode, Kim is shown on her way to the 2017 Met Gala which took place in early May. At the time, Kim was still being bullied on social media with pictures from her vacation in Mexico.

The star began panicking about her appearance in the car, saying “I’m literally going to s— my f—ing pants."

According to People, she later said that she was close to throwing up. Later in the episode, her close friend Jonathan Cheban told Kim he was concerned about how self-conscious she had become.

Her sister Khloé brought up how the pictures from Mexico are "never-ending" and have definitely brought up past situations. She claimed that all of the criticism was giving Kim flashbacks of her incident in Paris and how the media attacked her then.

The Met Gala was one of the first times Kim went out in public following the Paris robbery, and Khloé described how she was being treated as "not fair" and "not cool."

Never-ending scrutiny

As the number of articles on Kim's vacation photos continued to grow, the star could not seem to get away from them.

On the show, she is seen asking when they will finally stop the story. She talked about developing a thick skin after working in the Hollywood industry but really couldn't understand why the photos were continuously being published by different outlets.

She continued talking to her family, admitting that she was feeling couped up from staying in the house so much.

Kim even said she developed a "full phobia" of people looking at her, saying she can't stop freaking out.

Her sister Khloé tried to explain that staying away from gossip websites would help her get over the body image she had developed. "I feel like this just set her back," said the concerned sister. She also discussed how Kim separating herself from the online world really helped her after the Paris incident.

The family thought about how well that worked and together, sisters Khloé and Kourtney deleted apps like Twitter from Kim's phone. Upon finding out, she agreed to give it a try for a few days to see if it would improve how she felt about herself.

Though Kim hasn't spoken out much about her phobia, it seems that she has been coping well as she has been very active on social media recently. While watching the episode with fans and responding to their tweets, she said the Met Gala was the only red carpet event she really gets nervous for.