The battle between the living and the dead is not the only thing that fans should anticipate in “Game of ThronesSeason 8. Let us not forget that Cersei Lannister still has her sights set on defeating Daenerys Targaryen. The season 7 finale may have seemed like the odds were in favor of the Mother of Dragons, since she has the support of the Dothraki, the Unsullied and the North. However, this does not mean that the reigning queen of the Seven Kingdoms will give up that easily. She has backup plans in case her army (or what’s left of them) fails in the battle.

By the looks of it, Cersei has employed the Golden Company. So does this guarantee her a win against Daenerys' army? Photos leaked from the Belfast set say otherwise.


In October, “GOT” fansite Watchers on the Wall shared some rather interesting photos taken at the Titanic Studios in Belfast. The images show a large set taking shape from the ground up. Drone cameras picked out a construction of what appears to be a huge building, so huge it sticks out over the tops of the Titanic gates. A large trebuchet was also on the set.

Fans speculated that the external set up has something to do with the inevitable battle between Cersei and Daenerys. The trebuchet alone is proof of the impending battle.

However, who owns the device? The person who comes to mind is Cersei. We saw in season 7 that the Unsullied and the Dothraki chose to face their enemies head-on. Meanwhile, the Lannister army found their defense in the castle walls. Initially, “Game of Thrones” season 8 spoilers claimed this huge set was Dragonstone. However, a recent report contradicts this theory.

King’s Landing

Sources claimed that the huge set is not a castle at all.

Instead, it represents the various streets of King’s Landing. Interestingly, the insiders added that the huge construction is a major “Game of Thrones” season 8 spoiler. The set supposedly tells who wins between Daenerys and Cersei’s battle. The reason why it was constructed outside and why production did not choose an actual street in Belfast for the filming tells of who becomes the victor. The set is going to get burned. Yes, the sources said these streets are going to get torched by Dragonfire. If this is true, then this could mean that Daenerys wins the battle and possibly over the Iron Throne.

However, let us also consider that Cersei is capable of burning her own kingdom just as she did with the Citadel in season 6. According to Elite Daily, she might turn into the mad queen in season 8 and burn King’s Landing to the ground.