In Season 7 of “Game of Thrones,” Sandor Clegane, or the Hound as he is famously known, reunited with his brother Gregor, aka the Mountain, in the Dragonpit scene. Their reunion reminded him of the tragic childhood he experienced at the hands of his brother. This is why he said some spiteful words to him when they met. He also warned Gregor about the danger that he is about to face. His exact words were, “You know who is coming for you, you’ve always known.” The Hound’s words are rather cryptic. Who is coming for the Mountain in Season 8?


Of course, the first person who comes to mind is the Hound himself. Perhaps he reminded the Mountain that they have yet to fight each other, in a duel that fans now call the "Cleganebowl." Sandor has every reason to want his brother dead. Gregor is the reason he fears fire. The Mountain burned his face when they were young and this tragic childhood memory continues to traumatize him into adulthood. This is why Sandor hates looking at the flames. However, there was one time in the Season 7 premiere, that he conquered his fear and stared into the flames after much convincing from Thoros. It was there that the Hound had a vision of the White Walkers and the Night King making their way North.

But did the Hound see something else?

The vision

YouTube user Talking Thrones shared a very interesting theory about the meaning of the Hound’s cryptic words. It is supposedly likely that when Sandor stared into the flames he also saw what would happen to his brother. Perhaps the Lord of Light showed him a vision about the Mountain’s demise.

The Hound probably saw who was coming for Gregor in “Game of Thrones” Season 8. It is interesting to point out that Sandor also saw “a mountain” in his vision. It is hard not to think about his brother Gregor, who is now a zombie bodyguard to Cersei.

However, there is one thing that tramples this possibility. The Hound said that the Mountain already knows who is coming for him.

He knew all along. So this leaves the Hound as the likely candidate unless they both were talking about a different person—Arya Stark.

The kill list

Aside from the Hound, Arya also wants the Mountain dead. He is still after all, on her kill list, along with Cersei Lannister. The Hound knows the people on the young assassin’s list. Arya called out their names once when they traveled together. At the time, the Hound even offered to help Arya take out the Mountain. “We come across my brother, maybe we can both cross the name off our list,” the Hound said. If this happens, then the Mountain has Arya and the Hound to face off in “Game of Thrones” Season 8.