Showrunner Joe Henderson has confirmed that there are four stand-alone episodes filmed during the making of Season 2 that will be in Season 3. One of these episodes is a little background story on Maze. It seems viewers will see her backstory in "Lucifer" Season 3 Episode 3, which is aptly called “Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith.”

Episode 3 trailer

The trailer reveals how Maze (Lesley Ann-Brandt) first got into the bounty hunting business. Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) tells his demon sidekick to follow her desire and hunt the most challenging human she can.

According to the synopsis for “Lucifer” Season 3 episode 3, the demon also realizes her calling to become a bounty hunter after her talk with the psychiatrist Dr. Linda (Rachel Harris). Of course, Maze decides to take this dangerous path after she realizes that she wants more out of life.

According to the synopsis from Cartermatt, Maze ends up in Canada for some bounty hunting missions. The preview also shows her being the badass that she is in her missions.

Chloe intervenes

However, Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) feels that something is not right. She senses that Maze is being deceived by a conman so she could be hurting the wrong people. Chloe warns Lucifer that they should go and stop Maze before she does any more damage.

Elsewhere in the episode, the crime partners are in a case that put them closer to their target than they realized.

Maze returns

It may be a while before fans see Maze again on screen since Lesley Ann-Brandt is still on maternity leave. However, there are a couple of surprises in store for Maze when she returns. One involves her best friend Dr.

Linda and the other is about Amenadiel. When Maze returns to Los Angeles from bounty hunting, she finds out that Linda has found a new friend. Of course, she feels betrayed and sad, since she considered Linda her only best friend. Whoever this person is remains unknown, although it is a safe bet that Linda befriends Amenadiel.

They shared a drink in episode 2 of “LuciferSeason 3 and the psychiatrist looked like she wanted to open up to the angel about her experience with his mom.

Talking about Amenadiel, the angel finds himself a new love interest in season 3. He starts seeing someone new following his brief relationship with Maze. Clearly, Maze is bound for an emotional rollercoaster when she finds out that Linda has a new confidant and that Amenadiel has moved on from her.