Leftovers” actor Kevin Carroll will play the Sinnerman in “Luciferseason 3. The Sinnerman is the main antagonist, who has a secret agenda against the devil. Details about Carroll’s appearance remain scarce. He will reportedly only have minimal scenes in the show.

Kevin Carrol nabs guest appearance

Kevin Carrol will play the Big Bad in Season 3 of “Lucifer.” He will appear in a couple of episodes only come December. His inclusion into the storyline will come in small introductions until his big reveal, which will happen in the winter finale. Suffice to say that the Sinnerman works in the shadows in the early part of the season.

Who is the Sinnerman?

The Sinnerman is a slightly depraved criminal mastermind who has set his sights on Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis). The premiere of “Lucifer” Season 3 revealed that he was responsible for returning the devil’s wings. He also ordered Lucifer’s kidnapping. Episode 1 hinted that the Sinnerman has great powers since not only did he return Lucifer’s wings, he also removed his demon face. He basically turned the devil into an angel. Likewise, the Sinnerman is a dark reflection of Lucifer when it comes to giving out favors. He too loves to give out favors, but his payment is of the nefarious kind.

The Sinnerman’s motive

The bulk of the season, Lucifer will try to find out more details about his nemesis and figure out what his motives are.

Clearly, The Sinnerman wants to manipulate Lucifer and bring him back to his old partying and womanizing ways. He wants the devil to rebel, so he returned his wings. He may have a personal reason for going against Lucifer. This is where the excitement of the season comes. “The Sinnerman is going to be one of the big focal points for Lucifer’s investigations into who did these things to him,” showrunner and executive producer Joe Henderson tells Entertainment Weekly.

Interestingly, Lieutenant Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) knows the man. He has a history with the Sinnerman, which will greatly help Lucifer in his investigation. In season 3, Marcus and Lucifer will have to put their differences aside and work together to track him down.

When will the Sinnerman appear?

“Lucifer” Season 3 will introduce the Sinnerman a little bit into the season.

Viewers will learn more about him as the show progresses. There will be events that will tie directly to him, such as cases that will attract Lucifer’s attention. The premiere episode “They’re Back Aren’t They” was the first introduction of the Sinnerman.