There are only a few weeks left until “Luciferseason 3 and we will finally learn how Lucifer got his wings back and who abducted him. However, ahead of the show’s return on Oct. 2, we have gathered some details about the new season and what fans should expect to see happen.

Season 3 episode 1

The installment picks up right where we left Lucifer Morningstar in the season 2 finale. He wakes up in the desert a couple days after and finds out that his wings are back. Tom Ellis, who plays the title character, revealed in an interview that in episode 1, the devil is on a hunt for God’s emissary.

Co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich added that the premiere focuses on Lucifer’s mission to find out how he got his wings back. He believes that his father is responsible and that he has an accomplice on earth.

Enter the Sinnerman

The devil has his suspicions on who kidnapped him. He thinks that a slightly depraved criminal mastermind who goes by the name of Sinnerman is the culprit. This person may very well be God’s emissary too.

Charlotte Richards is back

Tricia Helfer reprises her role, although this time she returns as attorney Charlotte Richards.

Helfer said a couple of episodes in “Lucifer” season 3 centers on Charlotte trying to find out what happened to her. Charlotte is in for a surprise when she finds out that she and Dan were in a relationship. Of course, the human Charlotte does not know this since it happened when the divine being called Mom inhabited her body.

Ella’s divine encounter

Aimee Garcia said that her character, Ella, has a scene with the angel Amenadiel in “Lucifer” season 3. “It will come at the right time,” Garcia said in the video below.

Character backstory

Four stand-alone episodes that were initially for season 2 will be in season 3. These episodes will delve into the characters’ backstory and will tie into the narrative of the show since it started.

One of these episodes is a flashback to Lucifer Morningstar’s arrival in Los Angeles. We will finally learn why he was banished from Hell. Likewise, we will see Dan and Chloe back when they were still a couple and learn more about Maze’s story.

A musical episode

It is always a treat to hear Tom Ellis sing in the show just as he did in season 1 when he sang “Sinnerman.” This time he will accompany it with a dance. An episode in season 3 will take Ella and the devil on a fun road trip that will test their dancing and singing skills.

Chloe’s new love interest

Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) brings out the worst in the devil. He intrigues Chloe and their mutual understanding of the law and justice brings them closer, much to Lucifer’s chagrin.

Expect to see a jealous Lucifer in season 3.

Maze’s surprises

Maze returns from bounty hunting and finds out that Dr. Linda has made a new friend in her absence. She also learns that her ex-lover Amenadiel is seeing someone.