Marvel’s executive producer Jeph Loeb had confirmed in an interview last year that “Jessica Jones” will be returning for a second season. He had said that the positive response they received from the first season encouraged them to pursue another. They were “overwhelmed” by the reaction the show received from all over the world. The next season, according to Loeb, will further explore the various characters on the show.

Characters details

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show-runners have hired J. R. Ramirez to play the role of Oscar in “Jessica Jones” Season 2.

His character will support Jessica in the form of the city’s new superintendent. He is a single father with a son who gets increasingly attracted towards Jessica. A possible romantic angle might also be explored in the series. Whether it will be as wild as the one she had with Luke Cage in the first season, is still uncertain. Cage – on the other hand – will be seen moving on in terms of love. He is apparently going to be dating Claire Temple, a hospital nurse in “Jessica Jones” season 2.

Melissa Rosenberg's take

The show’s executive producer, Melissa Rosenberg was quoted by Den of Geek as saying that Ramirez’s addition will bring complexity, humor as well as emotion to the show. The actor is popular for playing the role of a boxing trainer, Ted Grant in “Arrow.” He has also contributed in terms of acting in movies like, “House of Payne,” and “Hacienda Heights.” As noted by Variety, Leah Gibson will return has Ingrid in the next installment.

According to MCU Exchange, Ingrid is a beautiful and intelligent woman who will ultimately end up being a villain in the show.

According to TH, reports earlier this year suggests that women will direct all the 13 episodes of “Jessica Jones” season 2. The list still hasn’t been finalized by the official authorities as yet. It will get interesting once the names are announced.

The show has already entered production.

Numerous pictures showed up online, confirming that cast and crew members of the show are in New York shooting for the next season. On the basis of this, it is being speculated that “Jessica Jones” will probably be Marvel-Netflix’s 2018 launch. With “Daredevil,” and “Iron Fist” already in the offing, it is somewhat difficult to guess the specific date. It is safe to assume that the show’s premiere will take place before spring next year. However, this information has not been confirmed by Netflix yet.