Series creators Jo Henderson and Ildy Modrovich teased what lies ahead for Lucifer Morningstar when he finds out that his father did not return his wings. Instead, someone by the name of Sinnerman did. The bulk of “Lucifer” season 3 will involve the devil finding out the Sinnerman’s motives, and doing so would mean he has to work in close collaboration with Marcus Pierce.

Who is the Sinnerman?

The Sinnerman is a slightly depraved criminal mastermind who will test Lucifer in ways that he has not been tested before. Modrovich called him a “badass” who has a hidden history with some characters in the show, whom Lucifer has to face off against.

Henderson added that the Sinnerman is a “bizarre reflection of Lucifer.” He also gives out favors but of the nefarious nature. “When this guy gives out favors, you're really dreading the payment that you'll have to give. So it's sort of the Devil facing a dark reflection of himself,” Henderson told TV Guide.

What is the Sinnerman’s motive?

The Sinnerman is responsible for knocking Lucifer out cold in the Season 3 finale. He also gave back his wings, but for what purpose? This we will find out as Season 3 of “Lucifer” progresses. Modrovich teased that he has personal reasons for kidnapping the devil and returning his wings. However, it is clear that the Sinnerman wants to manipulate the Lord of Darkness.

He knows that by returning his angel wings, he is prompting Lucifer to do evil things again. He knows that Lucifer would rebel. The Sinnerman clearly wants Lucifer to return to his old ways. As what Tom Ellis said in a previous interview, the title character returns to partying and womanizing, which we see in the San Diego Comic-con trailer for Season 3.

Marcus and Lucifer team up

Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling) and Lucifer are not on friendly terms with each other at the onset of the season. The devil sees the lieutenant as competition over Chloe Decker’s (Lauren German) affection. He sees him as a threat to his bond to the detective. Suffice to say, the no-nonsense Marcus gets on the devil’s nerves.

He brings out the worst in him.

However, Lucifer might have to reach out to Marcus if he wants to find out who this Sinnerman is. It turns out that Marcus knows who he is so he and Lucifer team up to track down the criminal. Of course, they both have different agendas about the Sinnerman. They will definitely butt heads. “At times their agendas will be together, and at times they're going to have to face off,” Henderson said.