The fifth season of "Vikings" has not yet premiered but the cast and crew of the History show are already preparing for its next chapter. Alex Høgh Andersen has just shared a new video that might confirm that the sixth season is already in production. In addition to that, it looks like Ivar The Boneless will be showing off a new skill with throwing knives.

The youngest son of Ragnar Lothbrok has certainly made it clear that he is good with an axe. Ivar had thrown the weapon at Sigurd Snake-In-The-Eye twice in the fourth season. Unfortunately, his second try resulted in the death of his brother in the season finale.

However, it is obvious that Alex Høgh Andersen is also very capable with a pair of knives.

Playing with knives

Alex Høgh Andersen has just posted a video on Facebook featuring the young actor in costume. Fans immediately speculated that Andersen is already filming for the sixth season of "Vikings", which is expected to air sometime next year. It is still unclear how long production will last for the next season of the History show.

Andersen's costume is not the only thing that people were interested in in the video. It also shows the actor twirling knives in his hands.

Although Alex Høgh Andersen appears to be doing a good job, he also needs some practice. The actor dropped one of the knives and quickly acted casual. Hopefully, Ivar the Boneless will not be making the same mistakes in "Vikings" Season 5.

'Vikings' trailer teases Ivar's victory

A new trailer for "Vikings" Season 5 was recently released by IGN.

The teaser features several brief shots of the major characters including Lagertha, Bishop Heahmund as well as Ivar the Boneless' brothers. Naturally, fans were hoping to find some clues about what will happen in the upcoming season of the TV series. Could the upcoming battle result in several deaths?

The trailer shows plenty of angry faces since there will be a civil war in the fifth season.

Although it looks like everyone is ready to fight, there is also a brief shot of Ivar somehow looking serene. Is it possible that Ragnar's crippled son has managed to defeat his brothers Ubbe, Hvitserk and Bjorn Ironside? The truth will finally be revealed in November.

Fans can watch Alex Høgh Andersen reprise his role as Ivar the Boneless in "Vikings" Season 5, which is scheduled to air on History on November 29. The premiere date of the sixth season has not yet been announced by the network.