"Once Upon A Time" season 7 premiered its first episode Friday, October 6, which opened a bunch of new and exciting storylines for the viewers to look forward to in the upcoming episodes of the series. The episode flaunted Captain Hook (Colin O'Donogue) staring at his lover's portrait in Lucy's storybook and from there, the new season hinted another glimpse of Captain Hook's life following the demise of Emma Swan (Jennifers Morrison).

Even before the premiere of Season 7, tons of predictions and fan-made theories about the duo were already making the rounds on the internet.

While the entire season might be too long for this well-anticipated romance, it is still not known yet if Hook and Swan will still have their own happily-ever-after what happened in season 6.

Is season 7 a good start for Captain Hook?

A sneak peek of Captain Hook and Emma Swan's story has been given some shed of light, but it does not mean that the story is going to be just as nice as the expectations of the Captain Swan fans. As shown in the scene description, it looks like she has decided to risk her own life in order to protect the people she holds dear, and that includes her lover Hook.

It's a long way to go before "Once Upon A Time" hits the halfway point of season 7, so a lot can still happen.

With that, Captain Swan fans will not stop yearning for their favorite lovebirds and hope the season won't be just as bad as what the predictions are saying.

The brewing excitement doesn't end there as the new season also opens fresher storylines for Henry (now portrayed by Andrew J. West) who falls in love with Cinderella (Dania Ramirez).

Not only did it highlight the possibility of a blooming romance, but it also flaunted Cinderella's new form. "She's going for a purpose, but it's a purpose that has a lot of pain behind it," show creator Edward Kitsis told The Hollywood Reporter.

Episode 2 predictions

Shortly after Jennifer Morrison revealed that she would not be coming back as a regular for "Once Upon A Time' season 7, her fans quickly made headlines, seemingly demanding to see more of Emma Swan in the new installment.

The new book opened with Morrison's character on the death list. There may or may not be proper closure for Emma Swan and Captain Hook's romance. While this is not good news, the hopes are still up for many fans. "Once Upon A Time" season 7 has just started airing, and twists are welcome as the story progresses.