Things are about to get really messy for Ivar The Boneless in "Vikings" Season 5. The previous season of the History series had concluded with Ragnar Lothbrok's youngest son accidentally killing brother Sigurd, an act that could tear the young Northmen apart. Alex Høgh Andersen confirmed that although Ivar feels sorry for the fratricide, that doesn't mean the fighting is over.

Alex Høgh Andersen recently made his first appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con, where he teased on what fans can expect in the upcoming season. Not surprisingly, there will be more bloodshed when "Vikings" Season 5 premieres this fall.

Ivar VS Bjorn

The murder of Sigurd in "Vikings" Season 4 is already set to put a strain on Ivar's relationship with his brothers. Alex Høgh Andersen told TV Guide that his character "really hates himself" for giving in to his emotions. "He screwed up big time and he knows it," the actor stated.

But will Ivar the Boneless dare to face Bjorn Ironside in a fight like Ragnar Lothbrok and Rollo have done several times in the series? Andersen stated that the crippled Lothbrok son isn't eager to go up against his eldest brother because it would mean death for the both of them.

"I think they want to go their own way, just settle down with each other or make the best out of this horrible situation they've put themselves in, especially Ivar," the Danish actor said.

However, the trailer for the History show's fifth season suggests otherwise.

"Of course, I'm going to kill her!"

The new trailer for "Vikings" Season 5 was unveiled at SDCC and it looks like the battle continues for the Great Heathen Army. Unfortunately, the Northmen will not be fighting the Saxons too much in the upcoming season.

The teaser features Ubbe teaming up with Lagertha while Ivar takes King Harald's side. Ivar's decision undoubtedly has to do with the current Queen of Kattegat's murder of Aslaug. Ragnar's crippled son declares that he will never forgive Lagertha for what she has done. "Of course, I'm going to kill her!" he shouts at Ubbe.

But what about Bjorn?

The trailer might show Lagertha's son on the battlefield but there are also scenes where he is away from Kattegat. Nevertheless, the killing is set to continue.

What to expect in 'Vikings' Season 5

Alex Høgh Andersen isn't shy about the brutality of the fifth season. When asked by ET Canada on what people can look forward to this fall, he responded, "Blood, mud and blood."

"Vikings" Season 5 will air on History on November 29.