Joseph and Kendra Duggar didn't get married long ago, but this couple already seems to be doing great. They are really cute together and in a recent video posted on TLC's YouTube channel they play a game to see who they think is more likely to do something. Joe's sister Jana was the one in charge of the questions.

Jana asks if Joe or Kendra is more likely to do something

This was a pretty easy little game and started out about the wedding. This was obviously before they were married. They discussed that Joe would be helping with the wedding food, but that Kendra would be working on the other details.

They decided that Joe would be more likely to want a big wedding than Kendra. Joe explained that big weddings do run in their family. With 19 kids, that is totally understandable.

They both said Kendra Caldwell would be the one to cry at the wedding, but Joe did admit that he might cry a bit too. The fans will have to wait and see when they air their wedding on "Counting On." They even teased that Kendra is more likely to end up tripping down the aisle. Lucky for her it hasn't been revealed that this happened, but there were some pretty big surprises on their wedding day.

Joe Duggar thought he was more likely to forget something at home, but Kendra thought they both could do that one. Joe teased like they were old saying they are both a bit forgetful at this age.

When it comes to laughing during the vows, they said Kendra was more likely to do it. Joe would eat more and Kendra would pick the bridesmaids dresses. Kendra was even going to pick out what the groomsmen would wear on their big day.

How are Joe and Kendra doing now?

This couple hasn't gone on a big honeymoon like the rest of the siblings did.

They seem to be at home and doing well with each other. The Duggars are known for having babies soon after they get married, but if this couple has a baby on the way then they haven't shared it yet. Joe is the first of the boys to get married in a long time and he appears to be doing great.

For now, fans are going to have to wait to get very many updates on this couple.

They are on the new season of "Counting On" and everyone will get to see their wedding. Hopefully, they will continue to let everyone know how they are doing and if married life is treating them well or not. Joe and Kendra seem like a great match!

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