thomas d'agostino might not have been ready when he decided to go on "The Real Housewives of New York" to support luann de lesseps. Thomas wasn't ready for the spotlight he would be given, and how every move he made would be under scrutiny. When D'Agostino was caught cheating on Luann at the Regency Hotel just 48 hours before their engagement party in Palm Springs, he had to admit to having his bachelor ways.

Luann's "The Real Housewives of New York" co-stars had their concerns, but Luann decided to go through with the wedding. Just eight months later, the two filed for a joint Divorce in Sag Harbor.

While de Lesseps went to Switzerland to relax, he decided to go out with other women.

After his divorce filing, Thomas D'Agostino has been spotted with several women in New York City. He has been dining with Missy, the other woman from "The Real Housewives of New York." But D'Agostino has also been spotted with a woman named Anna Rothschild. For a while, rumors surfaced that he had already proposed to her, as she was sporting a massive ring. According to a new post, Thomas D'Agostino has not proposed but that doesn't mean a wedding is off the table.

A new woman already?

While D'Agostino may be taking it easy out of respect for Luann, it sounds like he may be exploring other options. He has been spotted around New York with several different women, including one named Anna Rothschild.

During a lunch, she was sporting a massive ring and people immediately assumed that D'Agostino had proposed already. However, Anna is now speaking out against this story and she's spilling the beans.

“We’re best friends for 15 years. I adore Tom,” Rothschild said. “I would love to marry Tom because he’s such a great guy, but it’s bad timing for both of us.”

Apparently, the ring was from another man.

It is worth $2 million, but she's not spilling the beans on who it is from. Luann may be wondering why she would be wearing another man's ring while opening up about how she wants to marry Thomas.

Moving forward

Even though Thomas D'Agostino has the reputation of a bachelor, he may not rush into marriage anytime soon. As fans saw on "The Real Housewives of New York," he clearly likes his social life and he isn't someone who wants to settle down, stay home, and devote himself to one woman.

If he wants to see his ex-girlfriends one night and come home late, a wife isn't going to influence his decision.

What do you think about Thomas D'Agostino being linked to so many other women just a month after filing for divorce?