Why did a siblings' visit to Jinger Duggar Vuolo cause fans to explode? TLC "Counting On" showed Ben and Jessa Seewald going to San Antonio to see the Vuolos, yet hid Jana Duggar and her female friend. Is TLC afraid of more lesbian allegations? Was Jana excluded because she's has no husband? Did the Reality TV show purposely avoid showing that the single, unmarried sister is Jessa's designated babysitter like she always was for Michelle Duggar on "19 Kids and Counting?"

Jessa and Ben Seewald hangin' with Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo

Episode 1 of the new season of "Counting On" showed a sisterly visit to Pastor and Mrs.

Jeremy Vuolo in Texas. Jessa and Ben Seewald brought their boys who were not shown much. It looked like the Seewalds were the only sibs of "19 Kids and Counting" to visit. But Jana Duggar and her gal pal were there too as Instagram posts showed. Many fans asked why the reality television show would exclude 19KAC's popular star.

TLC hides Jana Duggar, reality TV show fans lose it

Is the reality TV network purposely excluding Jana and why? Eldest son Josh Duggar brought down the Duggar Family's original show "19 Kids and Counting" in a fiery ball of shame. After adultery and porn revelations, pedophilia and incest, it's clear to see why TLC would bar him from "Counting On." But what did second oldest Jana Duggar ever do besides stay single?

Is TLC profiling her for being boyfriend/spouse/child-less?

Jana marked as LGBT Duggar

Did "Counting On" not reveal Jana's visit because she brought a woman and not a man? Does TLC fear that this will restart rumors that the reality TV celebrity is lesbian or bisexual? In most families, a 27-year-old unmarried woman is just that.

But in the Duggar family, something as innocent as a girls' road trip can turn into gay love scandal. Duggars wed and bed young and fast. Joy-Anna Duggar is married and pregnant at 19. Joe Duggar's new wife Kendra Caldwell is 18.

Nanny Duggar DB's Seewald kids?

After Josh's sex scandal, there's not much worse that could happen to the "19 Kids and Counting" clan except--in their eyes--homosexuality.

But there's another issue that worries fans more--that Jana is the DB (designated babysitter). She's always the default caregiver for Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. She cares for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard and their boys. Anna Duggar claims Jana was the mainstay through the sex ordeal and five babies. Did Duggar go to Texas to DB her nephews? Did "Counting On" hide it because they knew fans would lose it?