Following the announcement of their separation last week, new details have emerged about the reason why Josh Duhamel and Fergie decided to part ways after eight years of marital bliss. According to the reports, the ex-couple had already separated before they announced their divorce and this was due to Fergie’s apparent “partying.”

Duhamel and the Black Eyed Peas singer got married in 2009 and have a son, 4-year-old Axl Jack. Even though they just announced the real score of their relationship, CNN reported that the couple had broken up in February.

Reason behind the split

Fergie and Duhamel definitely took the world by surprise when they went public about their separation. Although the couple has remained amicable toward each other, a new report from Page Six revealed the reason behind their separation.

According to the publication, the 44-year-old “Transformers” actor got tired of his wife’s “partying” ways. Sources told Page Six that their marriage crumbled “over the course of about a year.” Going to marriage counseling also didn’t help solve their marital issues.

Duhamel and the 42-year-old singer-songwriter’s rocky relationship also happened almost at the same time when Fergie decided to make a comeback in the music scene by recording a solo album.

Her upcoming album titled, “Double Dutchess” is the singer’s first after more than a decade.

Focusing on music

Despite the destruction of her marriage, Fergie is keen to put all her efforts and concentration on her music career and comeback. According to the pop singer, her soon-to-be-released solo album is “autobiographical” and contains some “emotional songs,” Us Weekly noted.

The “Big Girls Don’t Cry” hitmaker added that the album was about her life and her “vulnerable side.” She added that the songs also talked about several relationships. When asked what songs made her cry, Fergie revealed the most emotional songs are “Save it Till the Morning” and “Love is Pain.”

Fergie also revealed the reason behind why it took her 11 years before she recorded a new album and it’s none other than — motherhood.

Duhamel’s ex-wife explained that she’s not going to sacrifice her time with her 4-year-old Axl just to record an album.

That is why her recent recording needed a “total reorganization,” particularly on her schedule and the time spent in the studio, Entertainment Weekly revealed. But in spite of her priorities and as a mom to Axl, Fergie is also open to reuniting with Black Eyed Peas.

Still friends

Despite the separation, the “Fergalicious” songstress stressed that she and Josh Duhamel remained “great friends.” She even added that there’s still so much love between them, however, they are not a “romantic couple anymore,” as per Entertainment Tonight.

Duhamel and Fergie are also making their son’s happiness and well-being their main priority so there is no “negativity” about their separation. The singer emphasized that the only thing that changed in their family is the romantic feeling between her and Duhamel but she assured that love will always be in the family.

Fergie also has nothing but good words to say about Duhamel. She told E! News that the “Safe Haven” star is an “amazing and wonderful” father.

Writing and Axl

Despite the heartaches that came with her separation, Fergie admitted that writing helped her cope and express her feelings. Meanwhile, the pop star also expressed how proud she is of her son Axl, who sang the song, “Enchanté (Carine),” on her upcoming album.