Mrs. Joy Forsyth is sparking rumors that she got pregnant when she was still Joy-Anna Duggar. Nothing the "Counting On" star does debunks the story. Three-months married Joy and Austin Forsyth showed up to Joe Duggar's wedding looking 6-months pregnant or expecting twins. And the "19 Kids and Counting" star has been radio silent on Instagram.

The Forsyth saga raises speculation

Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth and her husband stood up with Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell at their wedding on Sept. 8. The TLC website showed "Counting On" pictures of the Duggars' big day.

But even the radiant child bride was eclipsed by her sister-in-law's baby bump. Reality television fans did the math and realized that the celebrities were only married about 15 weeks, but Mrs. Forsyth appeared to be at least 20 weeks along. An OB-GYN nurse said there's no way the first time mom could be that big.

Folks bump heads over Duggar baby bump

That polarizing comment had folks butting heads over the Forsyth fetus. Even '19 Kids and Counting" critics, who would dearly love to see a pregnant out-owedlock Duggar, agreed that fetal size is relative. Women shared images of their 16-week bellies on Instagram and Facebook which were equally large. That prompted suggestions of maternal obesity.

People were surprised that after Joy's weight loss at Michelle Duggar's urging, she'd let herself go in pregnancy. f-But the Reality TV celebrity may have issues nobody is "Counting On."

Duggars have grandbabies in multiples?

An obvious explanation for Joy's big belly is multiples. The Duggars have two sets of twins in their "19 Kids and Counting" so it wouldn't be odd to find them in the progeny.

What would be shocking is triplets, quadruplets, or more. Typically those only come from IVF or some kind of fertility treatment. Is Joy "Counting On" being the next Kate Gosselin or Octomom? TLC would probably adore a Duggar spinoff like "Kate Plus 8."

Is Joy okay?

Forgive the mom who's had a placental abruption and two stillborn babies for asking, but could the "19 Kids and Counting" celebrity's big tummy foreshadow trouble?

Maternal weight gain is linked to gestational diabetes, placenta previa, preeclampsia, and other pregnancy complications. With all the drama over when Joy and Austin are "Counting On" baby Forsyth, are problems being missed?

Duggars luck runs out?

Not to be harbinger of doom, but has the "19 Kids and Counting" winning streak run out? Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have cranked out babies with few problems, saving the miscarriage of little Jubilee Duggar. Anna and Josh Duggar have been lucky too. Both Jessa Duggar Seewald and Jill Duggar Dillard have had problems. Maybe that's why Jinger Duggar Vuolo isn't pregnant--she doesn't want to jinx it.