Things are really heating up in the "Big Brother 19" house. TMZ shared that Jason Dent made some comments in the house recently that really have Kevin Schlehuber's wife upset and she is speaking out. He made a joke about raping Kevin's wife outside of the "BB19" house and she is livid. This is pretty shocking coming from Jason who is married and has one child with another on the way. The thing is there is a lot of confusion on if he really meant it or meant what he said just as a joke that maybe he took too far.

What did Jason Dent say on the show?

Jason was making these comments on the live feeds while also laughing hysterically about it all. Basically, he is saying that if Kevin puts him or Alex up then he will make him "lose his brain." He said he will call him every name in the book, but then after that he goes on to say that he will rape his wife and then tie up his daughters and make them watch. Then they start talking about how they need to backdoor him, but then Jason starts talking about if they meant on the show or sexual. Then Jason goes on to say that he didn't really mean it and they all give him a hard time about not knowing where the line is and just jumping right over it.

What did Kevin's wife Deborah have to say?

Kevin's wife Deborah is speaking out and she is not happy. She feels like her husband Kevin signed up for the show, but she and the kids did not and it isn't fair that they are dealing with this now. Jason's family has said that the jokes were taken out of context, but she isn't buying it and says that Kevin would never even think about saying something like that no matter what.

It will be really interesting to see what Kevin thinks once he hears about all of this when he gets out of the house.

Kevin and Deborah have seven children together, and six of them are girls. She is really appalled that this season has turned out this way. Kevin has been able to make it pretty far in the house, but right now his wife isn't happy.

If Kevin wins a big amount of money in the end, then that will soften the blow for sure.

Are you shocked by what Jason Dent said about Kevin Schlehuber's wife in the house? Do you feel like he took it too far? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "BB19" on CBS. Maybe "Big Brother 19" will decide to talk to Kevin's wife on the show, but they may avoid this conversation. They don't always show this kind of stuff on CBS, but the fans catch it all on the live feeds that they pay for each month.