Leah Messer may have had a dream for herself when she was 16 years old. She was a cheerleader and she loved her group of friends. But when she got pregnant with twins, her life completely changed. She married Corey Simms, the father of the twins, even though getting pregnant happened by accident thanks to a quick hookup in a pickup truck. Since Leah was featured on "16 & Pregnant," MTV wanted to follow her so they offered her a role on "Teen Mom 2." She has found tremendous success on the show, as MTV has followed her for years.

Because of the Fame from "Teen Mom 2," one can imagine that the fame and the money would go to her head.

However, Leah is one of the stars who does not appear to have changed from the attention. Plus, Leah is the only cast member who is raising a girl with special needs, so one can imagine that she's keeping her feet firmly planted on the group. According to a new social media post, Leah Messer is now getting encouragement from her fans, who don't want her to change because of the fame.

Don't change

Many of the other reality stars that are on MTV and Bravo change over the years. They try to fit a certain role and they try to showcase a certain person on television. But it sounds like Leah Messer doesn't care about how she looks on the show or what people think of her. Her priority is her children and going to school.

"Stay humble, don't try to "fit in" with other ppl or turn Hollywood or plastic plz, you've come wayyyyy too far to go 15 steps back," one fan wrote to Leah, hinting that other people were changing after having been in the spotlight.

Hollywood and fame

Of course, some of Leah Messer's co-stars and other friends in the "Teen Mom" family have gone above and beyond to change their looks.

Farrah Abraham, Kailyn Lowry and Amber Portwood have all gone under the knife to enhance their looks. Sometimes, they end up looking like models who have clearly gone under the knife. One has to wonder if this is something they would have done without the "Teen Mom" fame.

But then there's Leah, who will wear Old Navy leggings and even be the one who picks up the garbage after her dog.

She will drive her children around and make sure they are well taken care of. She's a mother, a role model and she doesn't appear to have changed at all since the MTV cameras came into her life.

What do you think about people asking her not to change? Do you think Leah Messer is great at keeping herself grounded because of her daughter's needs?