"Big Brother 19" fans have watched it all through live feeds this summer. The showmances, the stories, the arguments, and the flirting. There has been some major speculation about Kevin and Christmas. At times they seem a bit too touchy-feely for fans, considering he is a married man. Many have wondered how this is affecting his family.

Andrew steps up as the man of the house while Dad is away

Kevin has been married for over three decades. In today's society, that is a major accomplishment in itself. He and his wife have seven children. Their only son is Andrew, and he is in the image above showing his ID to prove his name.

He had also posted a picture of him and his father in front of a Christmas tree on the same Imgur account.

Andrew wanted to speak out on the speculation about his father and Christmas. He says that his father is just passing time and flirting a bit. There is no concern of an affair, and his mother has even said nothing going on is putting their longtime marriage in jeopardy. She understands that he is competing in the "Big Brother" game and supports her husband. Andrew also addressed his father having spoken to Jason about falling in love with Christmas. Kevin's son assures fans it was said "in jest" and was not a serious statement.

As for kissing Christmas's hand, that is something Andrew says he father would do to women in his everyday life outside of the "Big Brother" game.

Andrew added a "PS" to his post. With all the rumors of mafia involvement, he answered the burning question. Kevin is not a member of the mafia. The "Big Brother" contestant has shared stories of his childhood and the shady dealings of his parents. Kevin has said he is a stay-at-home-dad and his wife is a nurse.

Cracks beginning to form?

Kevin and Christmas do have a strange relationship in the"Big Brother 19" house. He is the oldest player in the game, and Christmas is older than all but Matt and Kevin. While they are both doing great and enjoy being part of the gang with the younger crowd, they do enjoy chatting and hanging out together.

At the same time, they recognize that the other will eventually become their target, as is the nature of the game. Christmas has been having some conversations lately with Paul, Alex, and Jason that show it may be coming sooner rather than later.

Paul and Alex were alone in the HOH room last night during "Big Brother After Dark" and discussed the order of their targets. Paul confided that after Cody, he wants to target Mark and then Kevin. Alex was surprised that Kevin is that high on Paul's hit list.

What do you think about Kevin's son speaking out about the speculations of an affair between his father and Christmas? Do you think Christmas will try to keep Kevin safe a little longer? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.