"Big Brother" has had a few strange houseguests in the past, but Raven Walton takes the cake. She claims that she has two terminal illness, one of which has been seen in only one other person in the entire world. Many of her stories don't make any sense and seem to contradict each other.

When she first came into the house, many "Big Brother" fans were excited that she had a health issue and still signed on to play the game. It didn't take the viewers long to start calling the houseguest out on her inaccuracies.

Stomach pacemaker

Raven claims that her family needs to get a new stomach pacemaker every year.

"Big Brother" revealed a few weeks ago that she said that they have to replace the battery every few years. Earlier in the season, Raven claimed that pacemakers have settings of 0 to 15 and hers is set at nine. Apparently, when she gets to level 15, she will have no other options for her condition. When her pacemaker stops working, she will starve to death.

Her pacemaker stories are borderline hilarious. For example, if she puts an iPhone on her stomach, it will turn the pacemaker off. If she goes under 10 feet of water, the unit will explode. And, maybe the most outrageous one yet, she cannot help Paul Abrahamian with the rat trap because it will turn her pacemaker off, plus will disable her mother's too.

She has endometriosis

A few days ago, Raven said that she has endometriosis, which according to her, is a rash all over her body. WebMD shared that endometriosis is the development of uterine-lining tissue on the outside of the uterus. Apparently, the uterine tissue grows on other organs such as the ovaries or fallopian tubes.

It is not a rash on your organs as she suggested.

"Big Brother 19" spoilers indicate that Raven said one of the reasons she wanted to win the $500,000 is to freeze her eggs. However, in the same breath, the "BB19" player said that she only has two years to live.

She has died, twice

Raven claimed that she had died twice on the operating table during her eight surgeries.

And, that's not all either, if she has another surgery, her doctors don't think she will get through it.

She can't eat steak, or maybe she can?

During the first few days of "Big Brother," Raven told the house that she couldn't eat steak or she would die. Later, she clarified that she wouldn't die, but would "scream in pain for hours." However, hamburger meat is okay. Raven told the same story about eating chicken, yet she eats chicken and eggs daily. Oh yeah, she cannot eat or drink milk products, but she eats ice cream daily.

Is she doing better away from her mother?

As annoying as Raven is, she seems to have gained weight and not had many episodes of stomach problems since entering the house.

It appears to imply that her mother could be the root of most of her medical issues.

Do you think Raven is exaggerating her illness to gain sympathy from the "Big Brother" fans? Or, do you think she (and maybe her family) are just big 'ol scammers?