The "young and the restless" spoilers reveal new situations for Cane and Lily this week. It has been revealed that Cane has lost everything after a single night he has spent in Tokyo with Juliet. He has been rejected by Jack Abbott for a job and it has been believed that his livelihood will be greatly affected.

As the episode continues, Cane will face lots of trouble and he is not happy since certain things are not working for him anymore. Meanwhile, Lily, his wife, seemed to have supported him with his problems. However, Cane's lies will still continue and hence, she has felt the need to kick him off from their house.

Cane to destroy Billy Abbott

As per report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry, new spoilers reveal that Cane still has plans to destroy Billy Abbott. Amid the problems that he has been going through, this man still wanted to destroy the career of Billy and he wanted Jesse, the cameraman, to edit a video which will make Billy looks like gambling again.

As Cane becomes successful with his plans, the video will make Lily lose her modeling gig. Further, the "Young and the Restless" spoilers also reveal that Lily will finally learn that Cane has stolen the educational funds of their children for him to pay off Jesse who was also blackmailing him.

Lily to kick Cane off her life

As the new episodes for the "Young and the Restless" continue this week, it will be expected that Lilly will finally get rid of Cane from their life.

However, this sounds a little hypocrite for some fans since they believed that Lily has also cheated on her husband back then through her former boyfriend.

Perhaps, some viewers believed that Lily was not that squeaky clean after her cheating has hit Cane a lot for a long time. As of the recent spoilers, Cane will finally hit the bottom as he loses his job and he will have no home to call his own.

Meanwhile, he still doesn't want to hear that his family is no longer happy with him. Hence, he wanted Lily to sympathize with him and to fix his mistake. However, she will never do it. She is not going to change his mistake on his behalf.

As the series continues, "Young and the Restless" episodes seem to draw the feeling of love and hate among the characters.

The fact that Cane had a one night stand with Juliet in Tokyo, it seemed that Cane has already ruined everything about his life. However, spoilers also reveal that it was Juliet who initiated that silly thing which took place in Tokyo. Perhaps, she will be the only person whom will show Cane genuine care during this time of his downfall.