Tiera Skovbye, the Canadian star who played a significant role in "Riverdale," has officially announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Jameson Parker, on Monday through her Instagram post. As she took to Instagram, the actress has shared a photo of her and Jameson while leaving the caption, "This weekend was something out of a dream."

She further revealed that the love of her life has finally surprised her and has asked her to marry him. Further, E! News has also reported that Skovbye was really surprised over the weekend and she simply couldn't hide her happiness.

Getting hitched

As Parker made his proposal to Skovbye, it was also learned that the couple was joined by their families over the weekend as they celebrated their engagement. The couple’s entire family was reported to have spent the weekend hanging out over the lake while enjoying sumptuous foods together.

The actress has also shared multiple photos on Instagram. One of their pictures has featured them together as they hold up their ring finger. People also reported that Parker has shared a sweet photo of them together as he gave her fiancee a sweet kiss on the forehead while Skovbye was seen resting her left hand on his chest.

Meanwhile, the "Riverdale" star has continually expressed her happiness on the social media.

Without a doubt, Skovbye has been a lot happy as she’ll finally get hitched with the longtime love of her life. On her latest post, the actress has also added that hashtags like, "#heputaringonit #imgonnabeaparker #evenlambsgetmarried."

Film collaboration

A report from E! News has shared that Parker and Skovbye first met together when they had their film collaboration of "Summer of '84." It was revealed that the actress used to star in the movie while at the same time, Parker has served as the movie producer.

The film, which centered a 15-year old boy, has been the reason for the longtime relationship which Parker and Skovbye have shared for two years. Apparently, this has been a great year for the "Riverdale" star since she was also awarded for the Choice Drama TV Show during the 2017 Teen Choice Award on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the couple is slated to share further details yet of their soon-to-be wedding.

Their followers also looked forward to that special day to come very soon. As of this time, it has been learned that the couple has been hard at work with their respective careers. Skovbye was also busy working on the upcoming "Riverdale" series.