44-year old actress, Gabrielle Union, is reportedly set to star in the upcoming Tv Spinoff series of the "Bad Boy." Union is set to portray the character role as Special Agent Sydney from the movie's 2003 sequel.

In a report obtained by Entertainment Tonight, it was learned that the spinoff series remains untitled, however, series producers and writers are already working on the upcoming show.

Union's upcoming character centers on her task as she operates with the DEA, as the sister of the Detective Lieutenant Marcus Burnett. She will be featured to be romantically connected to Detective Lieutenant Mike Lowrey, which will be played by Will Smith.

Union's TV project

As the 44-year old actress has been eyed for the upcoming TV spinoff series, it was also reported by Entertainment Tonight that Union's current TV project, "Being Mary Jane," is set to end next year for a two-hour finale episode.

While she's working on her current TV shows and upcoming TV project, Union is also reportedly promoting her newest book, "We're Going to Need More Wine." The BET recently confirmed that Union's TV show won't take long next year. Despite suing BET over her previous TV show contract, the network is giving her the chance for her current TV show to air until its episode finale.

Reprising roles

While the "Bad Boy" TV spinoff series is in development, there is no word yet whether the actress will star alongside actor, Martin Lawrence.

The pilot was written by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier, and they are being eyed to pen down the upcoming spinoff.

In a report by US Weekly, Jerry Bruckheimer, the original film producer, has already signed on for the upcoming show. Apart from her career on TV, Union is also known for her work being the voice behind sexual assault against women.

It was also reported that Union once published her own book, where she revealed that she had been violated when she was only 19-years-old. She also established a movement for women on Twitter, and she vowed to keep the conversation going despite her busy schedule.

Union further shared that it has been twenty years since she started sharing her story with the world.

It has been her honest goal to listen to women are sexual assault victims as well. During her appearance on "Good Morning American" on October 14, the actress added that her book talks about sexual assault and she wants readers to see her message to the world. She told anchors that she'll continue educating women about how to deal with their trauma the right way.