The Netflix series, "The Crown," has roped in British actress, Olivia Colman for, to the join the seasons 3 and 4. Colman is reportedly replacing Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth on the series. In the past two seasons, Foy played Queen Elizabeth’s role which earned her an Emmy nomination for the best actress. Apart from her Emmy, the actress was also recognized for her performance in Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild award.

Now that she'll be replaced by Colman, series viewers are looking forward to the latter's exemplary acting skills. While Foy was known for her best actress awards, the 43-year-old Colman also won her Golden Globe award as best supporting actress for her performance in "Broadchurch," and "The Night Manager," Variety reported.

Replacing the key cast members

Peter Morgan, the series creator of "The Crown," has previously talked about replacing the key cast members of the series. He revealed that they intend to replace some actors on the show to achieve better portrayals of their characters in the later seasons. Despite replacing Foy, Morgan emphasized that the actress did her best in the series. He also added that Foy has those characteristics of being youthful as she portrays her role on the show.

The series showrunners revealed that the series still centers around Queen Elizabeth II, as her majesty starts an illegal war in Egypt. Together with her armed forces, Queen Elizabeth will try to establish her reign during the Second World War.

Life of a Queen

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming seasons of "The Crown" are set to portray the how the Queen's life went through in decades. Further, the new seasons are expected to cover from 1957 until 1964.

In line with this, the series producers have decided to recast some of the lead roles from season 2, and that includes Foy.

The Netflix series is reportedly retaining some of its actors like Matt Smith, Victoria Hamilton, Jeremy Northman, and Vanessa Kirby.

While season 2 will be released by Netflix on December 8, reports from Entertainment Tonight confirm that some more actors are also joining the new season.

It was also learned that the upcoming seasons are set to reunite the creators Morgan and the series director Stephen Daldry and producer Andy Harries. As seasons 3 and 4 focus on the queen, season 2 reportedly will revolve around her married life. The show will also portray how her empire starts to crumble.