Ryan Reynolds has revealed recently that he felt heartbroken following the news that the stuntwoman for "Deadpool 2" movie has died while filming some scenes. The news has broken online on Monday morning that the woman died after she has lost control of her bike during a motorcycle stunt which took place in Vancouver, Canada. Amid the incident, the 40-year old actor was quick to express his condolences through Twitter on that the same day.

Member of the crew

As Reynolds expressed her message on the social media, he has also announced how the entire crew lost one of its valuable members.

Reynolds, who will be reprising his role as Wade in "Deadpool 2," has admitted that he was heartbroken with what happened to the woman.

Meanwhile, he has also expressed his comfort to the family that was left behind and prayed that may these people find comfort amid the tragic incident. Further, the name of the woman was not revealed and was kept private. A report from Entertainment Tonight has also quoted Reynolds statement as he added, "My heart pours out to them."

One of the spokespersons of the production has also revealed to Fox that the incident has taken place on that Monday morning around 8 a.m.

The production has also issued their official statement following the tragic incident which killed the stuntwoman. As of this time, it has been reported that the incident was still under investigation.

Vancouver police

Another report from Reuter has also shared that her tragic death was confirmed by the Vancouver police officers.

However, the authorities have not given further details yet including the personal information of the stuntwoman. As per a report from the local media, the woman accidentally drove to the set and was directly hitting the window of a certain building across the street.

The woman is supposed to appear in the upcoming sequel for "Deadpool 2" which also stars the famous actor, Reynolds.

As of this time, 20th Century Fox hasn’t revealed any details yet whether or not the production of the upcoming movie will be halted for the meantime.

Further, Dan Berger, the studio's spokesman, has shared that all of them were deeply saddened by the accident. To recall, the death of the stuntwoman came shortly when a stuntman from "The Walking Dead" has also died while filming in Georgia.

Hence, everyone from the production has been given a wake-up call to be a lot careful with their stunts as tragic incidents may happen anytime.