"Justice League" is only a few weeks away before it hits theaters, and fans are finally getting the chance to see the new villain of the movie! The new international trailer for the film has finally revealed the villainous Steppenwolf, albeit very briefly.

The long-awaited DC superhero film is set to feature more fun interactions among the "Justice League" members. In a report obtained by Polygon, it was said that the most eye-catching part of the trailer was already added via YouTube video, and it featured the movie's new big bad.

Unlike in the previous trailer, the new international clip was focused more on Steppenwolf.

One of the scenes from the clip featured how villainous his character was, as he tried to talk to a terrified man who begged the leader of the army to just let him live.

Funnier side of the movie

“Justice League's" new international trailer didn't only give fans a glance at the movie's new big bad, but it has also proven to viewers that the film is trying to feature the funnier side of the characters. Some lines from the characters' dialogue were notably interesting and funny compared to the previous film, "Batman Vs Superman," and "Man of Steel."

Not only did it featured the villainous Steppenwolf, but the new trailer also featured a funny conversation between Batman and Aquaman. Meanwhile, Joss Whedon, who took over the directorial works from Zack Snyder, was reportedly given the challenge to make the movie a little lighter and funnier than the previous movie sequels.

Leading the armies of Darkseid

In the upcoming movie, Steppenwolf is set to lead the armies of the Darkseid. In a report from Entertainment Tonight, the "Justice League" members are also set to battle against the winged minions known as parademons, who are also soldiers of the Darkseid.

It was also reported that Steppenwolf's character was first introduced via a scene in the movie, "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice." He was featured being contacted by Lex Luthor, who was played by Jessie Eisenberg. As the Darkseid's movement continues, his villainous character will take over as the new leader of the armies.

Prophetic visions about the future of the earth are among the missions of the superheroes. "Justice League" members will do their best to stop the total annihilation of the human species. While other details were kept under wraps, it was revealed that "Justice League" will hit theaters on November 17.