Victor Newman has been MIA from Genoa City for a few days. Nikki is telling everyone that he is out of town on business. Because of his absence, rumors are flying that Eric Braeden was leaving "The Young and the Restless." According to Celeb Dirty Laundry," Eric Braeden set the record straight on Twitter, by stating that he is not leaving the show. It seems that Victor 's absence is storyline driven. The Newman patriarch is away dealing with the drama he is responsible for, as well as the pain from his wife and two oldest children rejecting him.

Victor has staying power

There was an interview not long ago, where Braeden stated that if you do not continue to work, you will die. With that type of attitude, he will probably be on "The Young and the Restless," as long as he can remember his lines, and give an excellent performance. His character is one of the most popular, not just on Y&R, but in all of daytime TV. Victor Newman is stubborn and ruthless, and Braeden probably has the same resolve and staying power.

Jack on the loose against Victor

It was not stated where Victor was going or why, but his arch enemy Jack Abbott smells a rat. Jack is paying close attention to the statements coming from Victor's family members. Nikki was vague, and Nicholas said he, his mom, and sister were dealing with the reveal that Adam was murdered, in their way.

When he did not mention his father, Jack's eyes widened. You could see his wheels are turning. Once Mr. Abbott latches ahold of something that he perceives can be used to take "The Mustache" down, he's like a dog with a bone. Jack will not let go of this. He will pursue the issue until he gets the answers that he believes he deserves.

And has the ammunition to stick it to Victor Newman.

The big reveal

Eventually, fans will get the big reveal, of where Victor went and why. He could be on a business trip as his wife is saying, but it's unlikely. Perhaps he went to a remote Island to think about the pain he has caused his family. He may be reflecting on how they have turned on him.

Victor is very distressed that his grandchildren are being kept away from him. He may have gone to find Chloe before the police get to her. Knowing Mr. Newman, he would hide her so that no one else can find out about his connection to his son Adam's death. He may even have gone to a monastery, to confess his sins, and repent for all the problems he has caused. Whatever Victor is doing, and wherever he is, you can be sure that when he returns he will be in rare form, and ready to do battle and reclaim all he has lost.