"The Young and the Restless" dropped a bombshell today that has been a long time coming. DNA tests revealed that Kevin Fisher is the biological father of Chloe's daughter Bella. Kevin was in shock at the news because a prior test indicated he was not the father. He was also elated to know, that the little girl he was helping to raise is actually his own flesh and blood.

Crazy Chloe strikes again

Kevin ended up in this predicament because Crazy Chloe struck one more time. Chloe had been sent out of town to a mental facility because she ran down Adam Newman with her car.

When she returned to Genoa City, she did not come alone. Chloe had a pretty little girl named Bella in town. She insisted that Bella was the result of a one night stand, but Kevin was not so sure. He recalled that he and Chloe had made love prior to her leaving town, and wondered if he was the child's father.

Chloe eventually consented to a DNA test, which indicated Kevin was not Bella's biological dad. Viewers assumed Billy Abbott was the father, because Chloe had stolen a sperm sample of his from the hospital. Her goal was to replace Delia, the child she had with Billy who died. When she could not get Billy to have sex with her, she had herself artificially inseminated with his semen. Kevin accepted that he was not the little girl's father, but loved her as if she were his own.

How everything was set in motion

On the day when Kevin and Chloe were supposed to get married, Chelsea found out that Chloe had murdered her husband Adam Newman. When confronted, Chloe knocked her best friend out cold, and fled town with the help of Victor Newman. On Monday's episode of Y&R, both Billy Abbot and Kevin received letters from Chloe indicating that they each may possibly be Bella's father.

Today the men had DNA tests run, and the results indicate that Kevin is the Baby Daddy. No explanation has been given yet as to why the previous test results stated that Kevin was not the father.

Chloe is hiding out in a foreign nation, but no one can track her down. Both Kevin and Billy's letters came from different locations.

Kevin is now reeling from the knowledge that his wife is a murderer, and he is now a single dad. Billy is in turmoil because for one brief moment, he thought he might be a father again. And thinking about Bella brought back memories of his daughter Delia who died. Kudos to the writers at "The Young and the Restless" for doing the right thing by little Bella. They gave her a father who was already in her life, one who loves and cherishes her. They brought closure rather than letting this situation drag out a lot longer. Kevin can now at least begin to try to put the pieces of his lie back together.