Fans were extremely excited to hear that Quanticoseason 3 was officially happening. While there was some bad news, including the shorter season, fans of the FBI/CIA drama were thankful that ABC had decided to renew the show after all. It was the last show on the network to get a renewal or cancellation confirmation.

However, ABC has now confirmed the fall 2017 schedule and “Quantico” isn’t there. What does this mean for the fate of the crime drama?

‘Quantico’ returning as a midseason show

It is highly likely that the show will return to the midseason lineup instead.

When exactly this will be is still unknown. “Quantico” could return in January 2018 or ABC could wait until March or April 2018 to release the new episodes. This will likely depend on how the shows that have been confirmed for the fall 2017 schedule perform.

Unfortunately, “Quantico” Season 2 wasn’t as strong as the first season. A complicated dual timeline and poor night were blamed. When the show moved to Mondays and opted for a singular timeline, the ratings did go up. The final episodes were enjoyable, fast-paced, and less predictable than ever before. It was just enough to save the show for another year, if only for 13 episodes.

Taking the Monday night timeslot instead of “Quantico” is a new show called “The Good Doctor.” The Sunday night original 10 p.m.

timeslot is for another pilot, “Ten Days in the Valley.”

Time to find a new showrunner

As well as only getting a 13-episode order, the “Quantico” renewal news was shrouded by confirmation that showrunner Josh Safron was stepping down. While he will remain on as a consultant, he will not run the ship. It will be up to someone else, who hasn’t been decided yet.

The decision to hold off the premiere date will give the show enough time to find someone new. This will likely be someone who has been with the show from the beginning or at least for the last year.

The shortened season and midseason lineup does not mean that “Quantico” Season 3 will be the last. The CW moved “The Originals” Season 4 to the midseason schedule last year and renewed it for another year for the 2017-2018 season.

It is highly possible that this is a strategy to help the show survive longer, as ABC clearly wanted it to by opting for the January night change.

Fans will need to wait a little while longer to find out when “Quantico” Season 3 will air on ABC. Right now, it looks like January 2018 is the month to watch out for.